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Unformatted text preview: ocial scientists should emphasize the cultural foreign values. There is, of course, a strong tradition of and political aspects of the experience of cultural accommodation among other Puerto Rican thinkers, members of such groups. like Eugenio Fernandez Mendez. But the Puerto Rican (E) The assimilation of members of such groups intellectuals who have written most about the assimilation requires the forced abandonment of their process in the United States all advance cultural nationalist authentic national roots. views, advocating the preservation of minority cultural distinctions and rejecting what they see as the subjugation of colonial nationalities. 8. In the context in which it appears, "subjugation" in the (162 words) last sentence most nearly means A ○ accommodation B ○ subjection C ○ assimilation D ○ incorporation E ○ defeatism 116 9. When cut, the synthetic material fiberglass, like asbestos, The statements above, if true, most strongly support releases microscopic fibers into the air. It is known that which of the following hypotheses? people who inhale asbestos, fibers suffer impairment of lung functions. A study of 300 factory workers who (A) People who work with fiberglass are likely also to regularly cut fiberglass showed that their lung capacity is, work with asbestos. on average, only 90 percent of that of a comparable group (B) Fiberglass fibers impair lung function in people who of people who do not cut fiberglass. inhale them. (C) Fiberglass releases as many fibers into the air when cut as does asbestos. (D) Coarse fibers do not impair lung function in people who inhale them. (E) If uncut, fiberglass poses no health risk to people who work with it. 117 Simone de Beauvoir ‘s work greatly influenced Betty F or the following question, consider each of the Friedan‘s----indeed, made it possible. Why, then, was it choices separately and select all that apply Friedan who became the prophet of women ‘s emancipation 10. It can be inferred from the passage that which of the in the United States? Political conditions, as well as a following is a factor in the explanation of why certain anti-intellectual bias, prepared Americans and the The Feminine Mystique was received more American media to better receive Friedan‘s deradicalized positively in the United States than was The and highly pragmatic The Feminine Mystique, published in Second Sex? 1963, than Beauvoir ‘s theoretical reading of women‘s situation in The Second Sex. In 1963 when The Second Sex A B y 1963 political conditions in the United first appeared in translation in the United States, the States had changed. B Friedan‘s approach to the issue of women ‘s country had entered the silent, fearful fortress of the emancipation was less radical than Beau voir ‘s. anticommunist McCarthy years (1950-1954), and Beauvoir was suspected of Marxist sympathies. Even The Nation, a C Readers did not recognize the powerful influence of Beauvoir ‘s book on Frie...
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