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Unformatted text preview: eds of aluminum-bearing minerals and readily supply which of the following in order to be vast quantities of the rocks that contain them. The best classified as an aluminum ore? Line aluminum ore is bauxite, defined as aggregates of alumi - (A) An aggregate 5 nous minerals, more or less impure, in which aluminum (B) Bauxite is present as hydrated oxides. Bauxite is the richest of all (C) Alumina those aluminous rocks that occur in large quantities, and (D) Corundum it yields alumina, the intermediate product required for (E) An aluminum silicate the production of aluminum. Alumina also occurs natu10 rally as the mineral corundum, but corundum is not F or the following question, consider each of the found in large deposits of high purity, and therefore it is choices separately and select all that apply an impractical source for making aluminum. Most of 5. The passage supplies information for answering the many abundant nonbauxite aluminous minerals are silicates, and, like all silicate minerals, they are 15 all of the following questions regarding aluminous minerals refractory, resistant to analysis, and extremely difficult A □ Are aluminum-bearing nonbauxite minerals to process. The aluminum silicates are therefore plentiful? B Do the aluminous minerals found in bauxite □ contain hydrated oxides? C □ Are aluminous hydrated oxides found in rocks? generally unsuitable alternatives to bauxite because considerably more energy is required to extract alumina from them. (153 words) 6. The author implies that corundum would be used to produce aluminum if (A) corundum could be found that is not contaminated by silicates (B) the production of alumina could be eliminated as an intermediate step in manufacturing aluminum (C) many large deposits of very high quality corundum were to be discovered (D) new technologies were to make it possible to convert corundum to a silicate (E) manufacturers were to realize that the world‘s supply of bauxite is not unlimited 42 Tillie Olsen‘s fiction and essays have been widely and rightly acknowledged, particularly by contemporary F or the following question, consider each of the feminists, as major contributions to American choices separately and select all that apply Line literature. Yet few of Olsen ‘s readers realize the extent 5 7. According to the author, which of the following to which her vision and choice of subject are rooted in is NOT true of the heritage mentioned in the passage? an earlier literary heritage—the tradition of radical A □ It emphasizes gender as the determinate political thought, mostly sot and anarchist, of the influence on people‘s lives. B It includes political traditions that span three □ decades of the twentieth century. C □ It has been the most important influence on 1910‘s and 1920‘s, and the Old Left tradition of the 1930‘s. I do not mean that one can adequately explain 10 the eloquence of her work in terms of its political Olsen‘s work. origins, or that left-wi...
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