Explains his conclusion in detail and then gives a

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Unformatted text preview: iginal assertion. (E) The author summarizes and explains an argument and then advances a brief history of opposing arguments. 14 A mysterious phenomenon is the ability of over-water 7. It can be inferred from the passage that if the migrants to travel on course. Birds, bees, and other flock of birds described in lines 8-9 were species can keep track of time without any sensory cues navigating by compass sense alone, they would, after Line from the outside world, and such ―biological clocks‖ the storm, fly clearly contribute to their ―compass sense.‖ For example, (A) east (B) north they can use the position of the Sun or stars, along with 5 (D) south (E) southeast (C) northwest the time of day, to find north. But compass sense alone cannot explain how birds navigate the ocean: after a flock 8. Of the following descriptions of migrating traveling east is blown far south by a storm, it will animals, which most strongly suggests that the assume the proper northeasterly course to compensate. animals are depending on magnetic cues to orient Perhaps, some scientists thought, migrants deter mine 10 themselves? their geo graphic position on Earth by celestial navigation, almost as human navigators use stars and planets, but this even when flying long distances through would demand of the animals a fantastic map sense. 15 (A) Pigeons can properly readjust their course exceedingly dense fogs. Researchers now know that some species have a magnetic (B) Bison are able to reach their destination by sense, which might allow migrants to determine their passing through a landscape that has geographic location by detecting variations in the strength been partially altered by a recent fire. of the Earth‘s magnetic field. (157 words) (C) Elephants are able to find grounds that some members of the herd have never seen before. 6. The main idea of the passage is that (D) Swallows are able to return to a given spot (A) migration over land requires a simpler at the same time every year. explanation than migration over water (E) Monarch butterflies coming from different does parts of North America are able to arrive (B) the means by which animals migrate over at the same location each winter. water are complex and only partly understood (C) the ability of migrant animals to keep track of time is related to their magnetic sense (D) knowledge of geographic location is essential to migrants with little or no compass sense (E) explanations of how animals migrate tend to replace, rather than build on, one another 15 Starting from the premise that mythology and legend 9. The primary purpose of the passage is to preserve at least a nucleus of historical fact, Bachofen (A) compare competing new approaches to argued that women were dominant in many ancient understanding the role of women in ancient Line societies. His work was based on a comprehensive survey 5 societies (B) investigate the ramifications of Bachofen ‘s of references in the ancient sources to Amazonian and other...
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