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Unformatted text preview: unconcerned about the accuracy of reference helped raise issues concerning the current canon. sources (179 words) (D) too superficial to establish important facts about authors (E) too wide-ranging to approximate genuine scholarly activity 5. In the context in which it appears, "canon " most nearly means A ○ dogma B ○ classic C ○ tour de force D ○ ordinance E ○ tenet 206 Experiments show that insects can function as pollinators F or the following question, consider each of the of cycads, rare, palmlike tropical plants. Furthermore, choices separately and select all that apply cycads removed from their native habitats—and therefore 6. The passage suggests that which of the following is from insects native to those habitats—are usually infertile. true of the structure of cycad cones? Nevertheless, anecdotal reports of wind pollination in A The structure of cycad cones provides conclusive cycads cannot be ignored. The structure of cycads male evidence in favor of one particular explanation cones is quite consistent with the wind dispersal of pollen, of cycad pollination. clouds of which are released from some of the larger cones. B The structure of male cycad cones rules out a The male cone of Cycas circinalis, for example, sheds possible mechanism for cycad pollination that is almost 100 cubic centimeters of pollen, most of which is suggested by the structure of most female cycad probably dispersed by wind. Furthermore, the structure of cones. most female cycad cones see ms inconsistent with direct C The structure of male cycad cones is consistent pollination by wind. Only in the Cycas genus are the with a certain means of cycad pollination, but females' ovules accessible to airborne pollen, since only in that means is inconsistent with the structure of this genus are the ovules surrounded by a loose aggregation most female cycad cones. of megasporophylls rather than by a tight cone. (141 words) 7. The evidence in favor of insect pollination of cycads presented in the second sentence would be more convincing if which of the following were also true? (A) Only a small variety of cycad species can be successfully transplanted. (B) Cycads can sometimes be pollinated by means other than wind or insects. (C) Insects indigenous to regions to which cycads are transplanted sometimes feed on cycads. (D) Winds in the areas to which cycads are usually transplanted are similar to winds in cycads' native habitats. (E) The transplantation of cycads from one region to another usually involves the accidental removal and introduction of insects as well. 207 Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the 8. That sales can be increased by the presence of sunlight argument? within a store has been shown by the experience of the only Savefast department store with a large (A) On particularly cloudy days, more artificial light skylight. The skylight allows sunlight into half of the is used to illuminate the part of the store under store, r...
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