Fertilizers 50 it is one of natures great ironies that

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Unformatted text preview: to explain these taboos in terms of 5 inappropriate social relationships either between those who are involved and those who are not simultaneously involved in the satisfaction of a bodily need, or between those already satiated and those who appear to be shamelessly gorging. Undoubtedly such elements 10 exist in the taboos, but there is an additional element with a much more fundamental importance. In prehistoric times, when food was so precious and the on-lookers so hungry, not to offer half of the little food one had was unthinkable, since every glance was a plea 15 for life. (124 words) 11. If the argument in the passage is valid, taboos against eating in the presence of others who are not also eating would be LEAST likely in a society that (A) had always had a plentiful supply of food (B) emphasized the need to share worldly goods (C) had a nomadic rather than an agricultural way of life (D) emphasized the value of privacy (E) discouraged overindulgence 12. The author‘s hypothesis concerning the origin of taboos against watching other people eat emphasizes the (A) general palatability of food (B) religious significance of food (C) limited availability of food (D) various sources of food (E) nutritional value of food 13. Select the sentence in the passage in which the author suggests that past attempts to explain some taboos concerning eating are incomplete. 52 Exercise 10 Currently, the paramount problem in the field of 1. According to the passage, the major problem biomaterials, the science of replacing diseased tissue with currently facing scientists in the field of bio- human-made implants, is control over the interface, or materials is Line surface, between implanted biomaterials and living 5 (A) assessing and regulating the bonding tissues. The physical properties of most tissues can be between host tissue and implants matched by careful selection of raw materials: metals, (B) controlling the transfer of potentially toxic ceramics, or several varieties of polymer materials. Even materials across the interface of tissue the requirement that biomaterials processed from these and implant materials be nontoxic to host tissue can be met by 10 (C) discovering new materials from which to techniques derived from studying the reactions of tissue construct implant devices cultures to biomaterials or from short-term implants. But (D) deciding in what situations implants are achieving necessary matches in physical properties across needed interfaces between living and non-living matter requires (E) determining the importance of short-term knowledge of which molecules control the bonding of 15 implants to long-term stability of tissue cells to each other—an area that we have not yet explored implant interfaces thoroughly. Although recent research has allowed us to stabilize the tissue-biomaterial interface by controlling 2. The passage suggests which of the following either the chemical reactions or the microstructure of the biomaterials, our fun...
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