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Unformatted text preview: of judgments 8. It can be inferred from the passage that the social about character; since such judgments are overly scientists mentioned in the first two sentences would dependent on impressions and since, furthermore, agree with which of the following statements? impressions are usually stated in qualitative terms, it is impossible to make a reliable comparison between the A □ It is extremely difficult to create models that account national characters of two countries. for both economic and social development B □ Models of economic and social development would be improved by the inclusion of adequate descriptions of national character. C □ it is important to supplement formal models of economic and social development with qualitative impressions of national character. 9. Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage? A ○A problem is presented and reasons for its existence are supplied. B ○ A controversial view is presented and evidence for its validity is supplied. C ○ A h ypothesis is presented and possible means of verifying it are suggested. D A recent development is described and then ○ analyzed. E ○ A dispute is summarized and one side defended. 81 Questions 10 and 11 are based on the following reading passage. 10. The passage as a whole is primarily concerned with It is now established that the Milky Way is far more extended and of much greater mass than was hitherto thought. However, all that is visible of the constituents of (A) analyzing a current debate the Milky Way's corona (outer edge), where much of the (B) criticizing a well-established theory galaxy's mass must be located, is a tiny fraction of the (C) showing how new facts support a previously dismissed hypothesis corona's mass. Thus, most of the Milky Way's outlying (D) stating a conclusion and adducing evidence that matter must be dark. may justify it Why? Three facts are salient. First, dwarf galaxies (E) contrasting two types of phenomena and and globular clusters, into which most of the stars of the showing how they are related Milky Way's corona ar e probably bound, consist mainly of old stars. Second, old stars are not highly luminous. 11. Select the sentence that the author implicitly indicates Third, no one has detected in the corona the clouds of gaseous matter such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide what astronomers believed about the Milky way until that are characteristic of the bright parts of a galaxy. fairly recently. 82 Question 12 is based on the following reading passage. In electrides, the anions (negative ions) are 12. It can be inferred from the passage that an electride completely replaced by electrons, which are trapped in behaves most like a normal ionic crystal when the naturally formed cavities within a framework of regularly electride has which of the following features? stacked cations (positive ions). Unlike other types of anions, anionic electrons do not behave as if they were (A) The anionic cavities are widely s...
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