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Unformatted text preview: ent. is often seen as a political one. These questions are political in the sense that the (D) Women scholars are only now entering debate over them will inevitably be less an exploration of academia in substantial numbers. abstract matters in a spirit of disinterested inquiry than an (E) The woman who is a critic is forced to academic power struggle in which the careers and construct a theory of literary criticism. professional fortunes of many women scholars -- only now entering the academic profession in substantial numbers -- 3 .It can be inferred that the author would define as will be at stake, and with them the chances for a distinctive " political" questions (in the second paragraph) that contribution to humanistic understanding, a contribution (A) are contested largely through contentions over that might be an important influence against sexism in our power society. (B) are primarily academic in nature and open to (186 words) abstract analysis F or the following question, consider each of the (C) are not in themselves important choices separately and select all that apply (D) cannot be resolved without extensive d ebate 1. The author specifically mentions all of the following (E) will be debated by both men and women as difficulties that particularly affect women who are theoreticians of feminist literary criticism A t endency of a predominantly male academic establishment to form preconceptions about women B limitations that are imposed when criticism is defined as objective and scientific C likelihood that the work of a woman theoretician who claims the privilege of art will be viewed with prejudice by some academics 159 What causes a helix in nature to appear with either a genetic predisposition. In the European pond snail dextral("right-handed, "or clockwise) twist or a sinistral Lymnaea peregra, a predominantly dextral species whose ("left-handed," or counterclockwise) twist is one of the handedness is maternally determined, a brood might be most intriguing puzzles in the science of form. Most expected to be exclusively right- or left-handed—and this spiral-shaped snail species are predominantly dextral. But often occurs. However, some broods possess a few snails at one time, handedness (twist direction of the shell) was of the opposing hand, and in predominantly sinistral equally distributed within some snail species that have broods, the incidence of dextrality is surprisingly high. become predominantly dextral or, in a few species, Here, the evolutionary theory must defer to a theory predominantly sinistral. What mechanisms, control based on an explicit developmental mechanism that can handedness and keep left-handedness rare? favor either right- or left-handedness. In the case of It would seem unlikely that evolution should Lymnaea peregra, studies indicate that a dextral gene is discriminate against sinistral snails if sinistral and dextral expressed during egg formation; i.e., before egg snails are...
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