Formation enzymes attach glucose to proteins

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Unformatted text preview: children. Until recently, child acts they commit psychologists supported pioneer developmentalist Jean Piaget in (B) The age at which children begin to discriminate his hypothesis that because of their immaturity, children under between intentional and unintentional harm age seven do not take into account the intentions of a person (C) The intentions children have in perpetrating harm committing accidental or deliberate harm, but rather simply (D) The circumstances under which children punish assign punishment for transgressions on the basis of the harmful acts magnitude of the negative consequences caused. (E) The justifications children recognize for mitigating However, in recent research, Keasey found that six- year-old punishment for harmful acts children not only distinguish between accidental and intentional harm, but also judge intentional harm as naughtier, regardless of 9.According to the passage, Keasey's findings support the amount of damage produced. Both of these findings seem to which of the following conclusions about six-year-old indicate that children, at an earlier age than Piaget claimed, children? advance into the second stage of moral development, moral (A)They have the ability to make autonomous moral autonomy, in which they accept social rules but view them as judgments. more arbitrary than do children in the first stage. (163 words) (B)They regard moral absolutism as a threat to their moral autonomy. (C)They do not understand the concept of public duty. (D)They accept moral judgment made by their peers more easily than do older children. (E)They make arbitrary moral judgments. 197 As of the late 1980's. neither theorists nor large-scale 10. Select the sentence that indicates one reason the computer climate models could accurately predict fourteen models d escribed in the passage failed to whether cloud systems would help or hurt a warming agree. globe. Some studies suggested that a four percent increase in stratocumulus clouds over the ocean could compensate for a doubling in atmospheric carbon dioxide, preventing a potentially disastrous planetwide temperature increase. On the other hand, an increase in cirrus clouds could increase global warming. That clouds represented the weakest element in climate models was illustrated by a study of fourteen such models. Comparing climate forecasts for a world with double the current amount of carbon dioxide, researchers found that the models agreed quite well if clouds were not included. But when clouds were incorporated, a wide range of forecasts was produced. (125 words) 198 Exercise 35 It is their sensitive response to human circumstance that 1. Select the sentence that contains the idea the example accounts for the persistence of certain universal ideas. Rabbi of democracy is intended to illustrate Meir, a second-century scholar, admonished his disciples to look not at the pitcher but at its contents because, he stated, 2.The "new pitcher" mentioned in the passage is the &q...
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