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Unformatted text preview: icantly from year to year. from view (E) Stars with a mass greater than 6 M⊙ lose (D) A star that began its life with a mass greater mass at a rate faster than stars with a mass than 6 M⊙, has just recently exhausted its less than 6 M⊙ do. nuclear fuel, and is in the process of releasing massive amounts of gravitational energy (E) A star that began its life with a mass of 5.5 M⊙, has yet to exhaust its nuclear fuel, and exhibits a rate of mass loss similar to that of IRC+10216 121 ―Popular art‖ has a number of meanings, impossible to 6. The author refers to Schubert and Brahms in order define with any precision, which range from folklore to to suggest junk. The poles are clear enough, but the middle tends to (A) that their achievements are no less substantial blur. The Hollywood Western of the 1930‘s, for example, than those of Verdi has elements of folklore, but is closer to junk than to high (B) that their works are examples of great trash art or folk art. There can be great trash, just as there is bad (C) the extent to which Schubert and Brahms high art. The musicals of George Gershwin are great influenced the later compositions of Verdi popular art, never aspiring to high art. Schubert and Brahms, (D) a contrast between the conventions of however, used elements of popular music—folk themes—in nineteenth-century opera and those of works clearly intended as high art. The case of Verdi is a other musical forms different one: he took a popular genre—bourgeois (E) that popular music could be employed in melodrama set to music (an accurate definition of compositions intended as high art nineteenth-century opera)—and, without altering its fundamental nature, transmuted it into high art. (133 words) 122 Which of the following is an assumption on which the 7. On turning 65 years old, everyone living in the town of argument depends? Malton becomes eligible to receive a card that guarantees discounts on most goods and services sold (A) The town of Malton has no complete census in the town. Census records for 1990 show that 2, records for 1991. 450 inhabitants of Malton turned 64 in that year. Yet . (B) The overall size of the population of Malton grew in 1991 over 3,000 people applied for and properly by over 500 during 1990. recei ved discount cards. So clearly some of Malton's (C) Fewer people applied for and received discount population growth between 1990 and 1992 must be cards in 1991 than did so in 1992. attributable to migration into the city by people in (D) Among the people 65 years old or older who their mid -60's moved into Malton in 1991. there was no one who did not apply for a discount card . (E) In general. people who applied for and received discount cards in 1991 first became eligible to do so in that year 123 One of the questions of interest in the study of the F or the following question, consider each of the evolution of spiders is whether the weaving of orb webs choices separately and select all that apply evolv...
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