Government 116 words 162 9 which of the following is

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Unformatted text preview: ay in which the body's mass is distributed B equations of linear motion in three dimensions C analyses of the sources that produce rotational motions 165 Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens 3. Hastings‘ contracture is a disorder of the connective the argument? tissue in one or both hands, most commonly causing loss of mobility. A survey of thousands of (A) The medical-insurance claims did not specie medical-insurance claims found that over 30 percent whether the surgery was on the patient's right or of people who had one hand operated on for Hastings' left hand. contracture underwent surgery a second time for this (B) The surgical techniques used to treat Hastings' disorder within three years. Clearly, therefore, a contracture are identical to those used single surgical treatment of Hastings' contracture is successfully to treat certain work-related injuries often ineffective at providing long-term correction of to the hand. the disorder. (C) A separate survey found that 90 percent of patients operated on for Hastings' contracture report increased hand mobility within one month after the surgery. (D) All of the patients in the survey were required by their insurance companies to seek a second opinion from a qualified surgeon before undergoing the operation. (E) Many people who have Hastings' contracture choose to tolerate its effects rather than undergo the risks of surgery. 166 The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States 4.The author implies that the Fourteenth Amendment Constitution, ratified in 1868, prohibits state governments might not have been enacted if from denying citizens the "equal protection of the laws." (A) Congress' authority with regard to legislating Although precisely what the framers of the amendment civil rights had not been challenged meant by this equal protection clause remains unclear, all (B) the framers had anticipated the Supreme Court's interpreters agree that the framers' immediate objective was ruling in Brown v. Board of Education to provide a constitutional warrant for the Civil Rights Act (C) the framers had believed that it would be used in of 1866, which guaranteed the citizenship of all persons deciding cases of discrimination involving born in the United States and subject to United States non-racial groups jurisdiction. This declaration, which was echoed in the text (D) most state governments had been willing to of the Fourteenth Amendment, was designed pri marily to protect citizens' civil rights counter the Supreme Court's ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford (E) its essential elements had not been implicit in the that Black people in the United States could be denied Thirteenth Amendment citizenship. The act was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson, who argued that the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished 5.According to the passage, which of the following slavery, did not provide Congress with the authority to extend most accurately indicates the sequence of the events citizen...
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