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Unformatted text preview: er in which gospel music was published. 10.Of the following sentences, which is most likely to (122 words) have immediately preceded the passage? (A) Few composers of gospel music drew on traditions such as the spiritual in creating their songs. (B) Spirituals and Black gospel music were derived from the same musical tradition. (C) The creation and singing of spirituals, practiced by Black Americans before the Civil War, continued after the war. (D) Spirituals and gospel music can be clearly distinguished from one another. (E) Improvisation was one of the primary characteristics of the gospel music created by Black musicians. 186 Exercise 33 Writing of the Iroquois nation, Smith has argued that 1. It can be inferred that the author of the passage through the chiefs' council, tribal chiefs traditionally regards Smith's argument as maintained complete control over the political affairs of (A) provocative and potentially useful, but flawed both the Iroquois tribal league and the individual tribes by poor organization belonging to the league, wher eas the sole jurisdiction over (B) eloquently presented, but needlessly inflammatory religious affairs resided with the shamans. He contended (C) accurate in so me of its particulars, but inaccurate that this division was maintained until the late nineteenth with regard to an important point. century. However, Smith fails to recognize that this division (D) historically sound, but overly detailed and of power between the tribal chiefs and shamans was not redundant actually rooted in Iroquois tradition; rather, it resulted from (E) persuasive in its time, but now largely outdated the Iroquois' resettlement on reservations early in the nineteenth century. Prior to resettlement, the chiefs' council 2. The author of the passage implies that which of the controlled only the broad policy of the tribal league; following occurred after the Iroquois were resettled individual tribes had institutions― most important, the on reservations early in the nineteenth century? longhouse― to govern their own affairs. In the longhouse, (A) Chiefs became more involved in their tribes' the tribe's chief influenced both political and religious religious affairs. affairs. (B) The authority of the chiefs' council over the (137 words) affairs of individual tribes increased. (C) The political influence of the Iroquois shamans was diminished. (D) individual tribes coalesced into the Iroquois tribal league. (E) The longhouse because a political rather than a religious institution. 187 Over the years, biologists have suggested two main territory, also failed to correlate with song complexity. pathways by which sexual selection may have shaped the The confirmation researchers had been seeking was evolution of male birdsong. In the first, male competition finally achieved in studies involving two varieties of and intrasexual selection produce relatively short, simple warblers. Unlike the song sparrow, which repeats one of its songs used ma...
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