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Unformatted text preview: n several (B) approximate field conditions species of birds (C) measure reproductive success (C) describing research confirming the suspected (D) quantify repertoire complexity relationship between intersexual selection and the (E) prevent early mating complexity of birdsong (D) demonstrating the superiority of laboratory work 6. According to the passage, the song sparrow is unlike o ver field studies in evolutionary biology the warbler in that the song sparrow (E) illustrating the effectiveness of a particular (A) uses songs mainly in territorial behavior approach to experimental design in evolutionary (B) continuously composes long and complex songs biology (C) has a much larger song repertoire (D) repeats one song type before switching to another 4.The author mentions the peacock's tail in the first (E) responds aggressively to recorded songs paragraph most probably in order to (A) cite an exception to the theory of the relationship between intrasexual selection and male competition (B) illustrate the importance of both of the pathways that shaped the evolution of birdsong (C) draw a distinction between competing theories of intersexual selection (D) give an example of a feature that may have evolved through intersexual selection by female choice (E) refute a commonly held assumption about the role of song in mate attraction 189 Which of the following, if true, most seriously challenges the mayor's argument? 7.Mayor: Four years ago when we reorganized the city police department in order to save money, critics (A) When city police are perceived as unresponsive, claimed that the reorganization would make the police victims of theft are less likely to report thefts to less responsive to citizens and would thus lead to more the police. crime. The police have compiled theft statistics from (B) The mayor's critics generally agree that police the years following the reorganization that show that statistics concerning crime reports provide the the critics were wrong. There was an overall decrease in reports of thefts of all kinds, including small thefts. most reliable available data on crime rates. (C) In other cities where police departments have been similarly reorganized, the numbers of reported thefts have generally risen following reorganization. (D) The mayor's reorganization of the police department failed to save as much money as it was intended to save. (E) During the four years immediately preceding the reorganization, reports of all types of theft had been rising steadily in comparison to reports of other crimes. 190 The term "remote sensing" refers to the techniques of 8. Select the sentence in the passage that implies a major measurement and interpretation of phenomena from a disadvantage of photographic imaging in geologic distance. Prior to the mid-1960's the interpretation of film mapping. images was the primary means for remote sensing of the Earth's geologic features. With the development of the optomechanical scanner, scientists b...
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