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Unformatted text preview: mmune-response reaction can induce liver transplant. liver-transplant rejection. (138 words) III. Organs from any other donor can be transplanted without rejection after liver transplantation. IV. Preventing lymphocytes from being concentrated at the liver transplant produces acceptance of skin transplants. (A) II only (B) I and III only (C) II and IV only (D) I, II, and III only (E) I, III, and IV only 129 Exercise 23 The common belief of some linguists that each language 1.The primary purpose of the passage is to is a perfect vehicle for the thoughts of the nation speaking (A) analyze an interesting feature of the English it is in some ways the exact counterpart of the conviction of language the Manchester school of economics that supply and (B) refute a belief held by some linguists demand will regulate everything for the best. Just as (C) show that economic theory is relevant to economists were blind to the numerous cases in which the linguistic study law of supply and demand left actual wants unsatisfied, so (D) illustrate the confusion that can result from the also many linguists are deaf to those instances in which the improper use of language very n ature of a language calls forth misunderstandings in (E) suggest a way in which languages can be made everyday conversation, and in which, consequently, a word more nearly perfect has to be modified or defined in order to present the idea intended by the speaker: "He took his stick-no, not John's, F or the following question, consider each of the but his own." No language is perfect, and if we admit this choices separately and select all that apply truth, we must also admit that it is not unreasonable to 2. The misunderstanding presented by the author in investigate the relative merits of different languages or of different details in languages. the passage is similar to which of the following? ( 155 words) A X uses the word "you" to refer to a group, but Y thinks that X is referring to one person only. B X mistakenly uses the word "anomaly" to refer to a typical example, but Y knows that "anomaly" means "exception." C X uses the word "bachelor" to mean "unmarried man," but Y mistakenly thinks that bachelor means "unmarried woman." 3.In presenting the argument, the author does all of the following EXCEPT (A) give an example (B) draw a conclusion (C) make a generalization (D) make a comparison (E) present a paradox 130 Currently, there are two models of solar activity. The 4.Which of the following statements about the two first supposes that the Sun's internal motions (caused by models of solar activity, as they are described in the rotation and convection) interact with its large-scale passage, is accurate? magnetic field to produce a d ynamo, a device in which mechanical energy is converted into the energy of a (A) In both models cyclical solar activity is regarded magnetic field. In short, the Sun's large-scale magnetic a...
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