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Unformatted text preview: e that the porters of the ―layered-mantle‖ theory believe which mantle is not layered, but that heterogeneity is created of the following? by fluids rich in ―incompatible elements‖ (elements A □ The volcanic rocks on oceanic islands are composed of material derived from the tending toward liquid rather than solid state) percolating upward and transforming portions of the lower part of the mantle. B The materials of which volcanic rocks on □ oceanic islands and midocean ridges are upper mantle irregularly, according to the vagaries of the fluids‘ pathways. We believe, perhaps unimaginatively, that this debate can be resolved composed are typical of the layers from through further study, and that the underexplored which they are thought to originate. C □ The differences in composition between midocean ridge system is the key. (157 words) volcanic rocks on oceanic islands and the midocean ridges are a result of different concentrations of incompatible elements. 12. In the context of the passage, ―unimaginatively‖ is closest in meaning to (A) pedestrian (B) controversial (C) unrealistic (D) novel (E) paradoxical 63 Scientists have sought evidence of long-term solar 13. It can be inferred from the passage that studies periodicities by examining indirect climatological data, attempting to use tree-ring thickness to locate possible such as fossil records of the thickness of ancient tree rings. links between solar periodicity and terrestrial climate These studies, however, failed to link unequivocally are based on which of the following assumptions? terrestrial climate and the solar-activity cycle, or even to confirm the cycle's past existence. (A) The solar-activity cycle existed in its present form (45 words) during the time period in which the tree rings grew. (B) The biological mechanisms causing tree growth are unaffected by short-term weather pat terns. (C) Average tree-ring thickness varies from species to species. (D) Tree-ring thicknesses reflect changes in terrestrial climate. (E) Both terrestrial climate and the solar-activity cycle randomly affect tree-ring thickness. 64 Exercise 12 Traditional research has confronted only Mexican 2. The author most probably uses the phrase and United States interpretations of Mexican-American ―charter minority‖ (lines 6-7) to reinforce the culture. Now we must also examine the culture as we idea that Mexican Americans Line Mexican Americans have experienced it, passing from 5 (A) are a native rather than an immigrant group a sovereign people to compatriots with newly arriving in the United States settlers to, finally, a conquered people—a charter (B) played an active political role when Texas first minority on our own land. became part of the United States When the Spanish first came to Mexico, they inter- (C) recognized very early in the nineteenth century married with and absorbed the culture of the indigenous 10 the need for official confirmation of their Indians. This policy of coloniza...
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