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Unformatted text preview: ately describes other fungi and are necessary for many plants to thrive, the passage? but they have escaped widespread investigation until (A) A description of a replicable experiment Line recently for two reasons. First, the symbiotic association (B) A summary report of new findings 5 (C) A recommendation for abandoning a difficult is so well-balanced that the roots of host plants show no damage even when densely infected. Second, the fungi area of research cannot as yet be cultivated in the absence of a living (D) A refutation of an earlier hypothesis root. Despite these difficulties, there has been important (E) A confirmation of earlier research new work that suggests that this symbiotic association 10 can be harnessed to achieve more economical use of F or the following question, consider each of the costly superphosphate fertilizer and to permit better choices separately and select all that apply exploitation of cheaper, less soluble rock phosphate. 9. It can be inferred from the passage that which of Mycorrhizal benefits are not limited to improved phosphate uptake in host plants. In legumes, 15 the following has NOT b een a factor influencing the extent to which research on mycorrhizal fungi has Mycorrhizal inoculation has increased nitrogen fixation progressed? beyond levels achieved by adding phosphate fertilizer A □ Lack of a method for identifying mycorrhizal alone. Certain symbiotic associations also increase the fungi B Difficulties surrounding laboratory production □ host plant‘s resistance to harmful root fungi. of specimens for study C □ Difficulties ensuing from the high cost and scarcity of superphosphate fertilizers 50 It is one of nature‘s great ironies that the availability of nitrogen in the soil frequently sets an upper limi t on plant growth even though the plants‘ leaves are bathed Line in a sea of nitrogen gas. The leguminous plants—among 5 them crop plants such as soybeans, peas, alfalfa, and clover—have solved the nitrogen supply problem by entering into a symbiotic relationship with the bacterial genus Rhizobium. 10. Which of the following situations is most closely analogous to the situation described by the author as one of nature‘s great ironies? (A) That of a farmer whose crops have failed because the normal midseason rains did not materialize and no preparations for irrigation had been made (B) That of a long-distance runner who loses a marathon race because of a wrong turn that cost him twenty seconds (C) That of shipwrecked sailors at sea in a lifeboat, with one flask of drinking water to share among them (D) That of a motorist who runs out of gas a mere five miles from the nearest gas station (E) That of travelers who want to reach their destination as fast and as cheaply as possible, but find that cost increases as travel speed increases 51 Throughout human history there have been many stringent taboos concerning watching other people eat or eating in the presence of others. There have been Line attempts...
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