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Unformatted text preview: and (D) To suggest that contemporary American Indian mortality in a manner that recalls British romantic poetry, while his poetic response to the power of natural forces recalls Cherokee oral literature. Similarly, his novels, an 15 writers have sacrificed traditional values for popular literary success art form European in origin, display an eloquence that (E) To imply the continuing popularity of transla- echoes the oratorical grandeur of the great nineteenth- tions of oral American Indian literature century American Indian chiefs. F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 7. Which of the following can be inferred from the passage about written translations of oral Native American poetry? A □ They were often made by writers who were intimately familiar with both English and Native American languages. B □ They were less widely read than are the works of contemporary Native American poets writing in English. C □ They were less dependent on European literary models than are the works of contemporary Native American poets writing in English. 92 Question 8 is based on the following reading passage. Both Fuchs and Sanborn have suggested that the effect 8. A study of the practices of financial institutions that of discrimination by consumers on the earnings of revealed no discrimination against self-employed women self-employed women may be greater than the effect of would tend to contradict which of the following? Line either government or private employer discrimination on 5 the earnings of women employees. To test this hypothesis, (A) Some tentative results of Fuchs's study Brown selected a large sample of White male and female (B) Some explicit results of Brown's study workers from the 1970 Census and divided them into (C) A suggestion made by the author three categories: private employees, govern ment (D) Fuchs's hypothesis employees, and self-employed. Brown's results suggest (E) Sanborn's hypothesis 10 that men and women are not treated the same by employers and consumers. For men, self-employment is the highest earnings category, with private employment next, and government lowest. For women, this order is reversed. One can infer from Brown's results that 15 consumers discriminate against self-employed women. In addition, self-employed women may have more difficulty than men in getting good employees and may encounter discrimination from suppliers and from financial institutions. 93 Questions 9 and 10 are based on the following reading passage. If people are regarded only as machines guided by 9. The passage suggests that the disparagement of logic, as they were by some "scientistic" thinkers, rhetoric rhetoric by some people can be traced to their is likely to be held in low regard; for the most obvious (A) reaction against science truth about rhetoric is that it speaks to the whole person. (B) lack of training in logic It presents its arguments first to the person as a rational...
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