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Unformatted text preview: divine justice. 11. The passage is primarily concerned with Finally, since the Iliad presents a historically verifiable (A) distinguishing arguments action, Troy‘s siege, the poem raises historical (B) applying classifications questions that are absent from the Odyssey’s blithely (C) initiating a debate imaginative world. (D) resolving a dispute (148 words) (E) developing a contrast 12. It can be inferred from the passage that a reader of the Iliad is likely to have trouble identifying with the poem‘s hero for which of the following reasons? (A) The hero is eventually revealed to be unheroic. (B) The hero can be observed by the reader only from without. (C) The hero‘s psychology is not historically verifiable. (D) The hero ‘s emotions often do not seem appealing to the reader. (E) The hero ‘s emotions are not sufficiently various to engage the reader ‘s attention. 45 [This page is intentionally left blank. ] 46 Exercise 9 Jean Wagner ‘s most enduring contribution to the 2. All of the following aspects of Afro-American study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it be poetry are referred to in the passage as having been analyzed in a religious, as well as secular, frame of influenced by Wesleyan hymnals EXCEPT Line reference. The appropriateness of such an approach may (A) subject matter 5 seem self-evident for a tradition commencing with (B) word choice spirituals and owing its early forms, rhythms, vocabulary, (C) rhythm and evangelical fervor to Wesleyan hymnals. But before (D) structure Wagner a secular outlook that analyzed Black poetry (E) tone solely within the context of political and social protest 10 was dominant in the field. 3. It can be inferred from the passage that, before It is Wagner who first demonstrated the essential Wagner, most students of Afro-American poetry did fusion of racial and religious feeling in Afro-American which of the following? poetry. The two, he argued, form a symbiotic union in (A) Contributed appreciably to the transfer of which religious feelings are often applied to racial issues 15 political protest from Afro-American poetry to and racial problems are often projected onto a direct political action. metaphysical plane. Wagner found this most eloquently (B) Ignored at least some of the historical roots of illustrated in the Black spiritual, where the desire for Afro-American poetry. freedom in this world and the hope for salvation in the (C) Analyzed fully the aspects of social protest next are inextricably intertwined. to be found in such traditional forms of Afro (159 words) American poetry as the Black spiritual. (D) Regarded as unimportant the development of fervent emotionalism in a portion of Afro- 1. The primary purpose of the passage is to American poetry. (A) contrast the theories of Jean Wagner with (E) Concentrated on the complex relations those of other contemporary critics between the technical elements in Afro - (B) document the influence of Jean Wagner on the America...
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