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Unformatted text preview: ure in the activities of the literary salon (C) The desirability of a complete break with women‘s rights supporters. C Women should aspire to be not only □ educated but independent as well. societal traditions (D) The inclusion of women of different backgrounds in the salons (E) The attainment of full social and political equality with men 35 6. If the author ‘s assessment of the use of heat pumps is The use of heat pumps has been held back largely by skepticism about advertisers‘ claims that correct, which of the following best expresses the heat pumps can provide as many as two units of lesson that advertisers should learn from this case? thermal energy for each unit of electrical energy (A) Do not make exaggerated claims about the used, thus apparently contradicting the principle of energy conservation. products you are trying to promote. (43 words) (B) Focus your advertising campaign on vague analogies and veiled implications instead of on facts. (C) Do not use facts in your advertising that will strain the prospective client‘s ability to believe. (D) Do not assume in your advertising that the prospective clients know even the most elementary scientific principles. (E) Concentrate your advertising firmly on financially relevant issues such as price discounts and efficiency of operation. 36 All of Francoise Duparc‘s surviving paintings blend 7. According to the passage, modern viewers are not portraiture and genre. Her subjects appear to be acquain- likely to value which of the following qualities in a tances whom she has asked to pose; she has captured painting? Line both their self-consciousness and the spontaneity of their (A) The technical elements of the painting 5 everyday activities, the depiction of which characterizes (B) The spontaneity of the painting genre painting. But genre painting, especially when it (C) The moral lesson imparted by the painting portrayed members of the humblest classes, was never (D) The degree to which the painting realistically popular in eighteenth-century France. The Le Nain depicts its subject (E) The degree to which the artist‘s personality is brothers and Georges de La Tour, who also chose such 10 themes, were largely ignored. Their present high standing revealed in the painting is due to a different, more democratic political climate 8. If the history of Duparc ‘s artistic reputation were and to different aesthetic values: we no longer require artists to provide ideal images of humanity for our moral edification but rather regard such idealization as a falsifi- de La Tour, present-day assessments of her work cation of the truth. Duparc gives no improving message would be likely to contain which of the following? and discreetly refrains from judging her subjects. In brief, 15 to follow that of the Le Nain brothers and Georges (A) An evaluation that accords high status to her her works neither elevate nor instruct. This restraint work largely explains her lack of popular success during her (B)...
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