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Unformatted text preview: eem futile for measurements of density (C) stars can be far enough from Earth to be obscured even by very sparsely distributed matter (D) interstellar gases can, for all practical purposes, be regarded as transparent (E) optical astronomy would be of little use even if no interstellar dust existed 13 In Hardy‘s novels, various impulses were sacrificed to each other inevitably and often. Inevitably, because Hardy did not care in the way that novelists such as Line Flaubert or James cared, and therefore took paths of least 5 resistance. Thus, one impulse often surrendered to a fresher one and, unfortunately, instead of exacting a compromise, simply disappeared. A desire to throw o ver reality a light that never was might give way abruptly to the desire on the part of what we might consider a 10 novelist-scientist to record exactly and concretely the structure and texture of a flower. In this instance, the new impulse was at least an energetic one, and thus its indulgence did not result in a relaxed style. But on other occasions Hardy abandoned a perilous, risky, and highly 15 energizing impulse in favor of what was for him the fatally relaxing impulse to classify and schematize abstractly. When a relaxing impulse was indulged, the style—that sure index of an author‘s literary worth—was certain to become verbose. (167 words) 4. The passage supplies information to suggest that its author would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements about the novelists Flaubert and James? (A) They indulged more impulses in their novels than did Hardy in his novels. (B) They have elicited a greater degree of favorable response from most literary critics than has Hardy. (C) In the writing of their novels, they often took pains to effect a compromise among their various novelistic impulses. (D) Regarding novelistic construction, they cared more about the opinions of other novelists than about the opinions of ordinary readers. (E) They wrote novels in which the impulse toward realism and the impulse away from realism were evident in equal measure. 3. Which of the following words could best be substituted for ―relaxed‖ (line 13) without substantially changing the author‘s meaning? (A) informal (B) confined (C) risky (D) wordy (E) metaphoric 5. Which of the following statements best describes the organization of the passage (―Thus…abstractly‖)? (A) The author makes a disapproving observation and then presents two cases, one of which leads to a qualification of his disapproval and the other of which does not. (B) The author draws a conclusion from a previous statement, explains his conclusion in detail, and then gives a series of examples that have the effect of resolving an inconsistency. (C) The author concedes a point and then makes a counterargument, using an extended comparison and contrast that qualifies his original concession. (D) The author makes a judgment, points out an exception to his judgment, and then contradicts his or...
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