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Unformatted text preview: the since Io ‘s surface is rich in sulfur and sodium, the chemical choices separately and select all that apply composition of its volcanic products would probably be 4. It can be inferred from the passage that each of the unlike that of the shergottites. Moreover, any fragments following is a consideration in determining whether dislodged from Io by interbody impact would be unlikely a particular planet is a possible source of shergottites to escape the gravitational pull of Jupiter. that have been discovered on Earth The only other logical source of shergottites is Mars. Space-probe photographs indicate the existence of giant A strength of the planet‘s field of gravity volcanoes on the Martian surface. From the small number of B proximity of the planet to its moons impact craters that appear on Martian lava flows, one can C chemical composition of the planet‘s surface estimate that the planet was volcanically active as recently as a half-billion years ago—and may be active today. (178 words) 126 Scientists have sought evidence of long-term solar 5. It can be inferred from the passage that studies periodicities by examining indirect climatological data, attempting to use tree-ring thickness to locate possible such as fossil records of the thickness of ancient tree rings. links between solar periodicity and terrestrial climate are These studies, however, failed to link unequivocally based on which of the following assumptions? terrestrial climate and the solar-activity cycle, or even to (A) The solar-activity cycle existed in its present form confirm the cycle's past existence. during the time period in which the tree rings grew. (B) The biological mechanisms causing tree growth are unaffected by short-term weather pat terns. (C) Average tree-ring thickness varies from species to species. (D) Tree-ring thicknesses reflect changes in terrestrial climate. (E) Both terrestrial climate and the solar-activity cycle randomly affect tree-ring thickness. 127 In Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry does not reject 6.The author's primary purpose in this passage is to integration or the economic and moral promise of the (A) explain some critics' refusal to consider Raisin American dream; rather, she remains loyal to this dream in the Sun a deliberately ironic play while looking, realistically, at its incomplete realization. (B)suggest that ironic nuances ally Raisin in the Once we recognize this dual vision, we can accept the Sun with Du Bois' and Fanon's writings play's ironic nuances as deliberate social commentaries by Hansberry rather than (C) analyze the fundamental dramatic conflicts in as the "unintentional" irony that Raisin in the Sun Bigsby attributes to the work. Indeed a curiously persistent (D) justify the inclusion of contradictory elements refusal to credit Hansberry with a capacity for intentional in Raisin in the Sun irony has led some critics to interpret the play's thematic (E) affirm the thematic coherence underlying Rai...
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