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Unformatted text preview: t the spiral arrangement of scale-bract complexes when they are produced, are primarily determined b y on an ovule-bearing pine cone is an adaptation to the wind pollination would be more convincing if which (A) presence of insects near the plant of the following were true? (B) physical properties of the plant's pollen (A) Such an arrangement occurred only in wind- (C) shape of the plant's female reproductive organs pollinated plants. (D) amount of pollen generated by the plant (B) Such an arrangement occurred in vascular (E) number of seeds produced by the plant plants as a whole. (C) Such an arrangement could be shown to be beneficial to pollen release. (D) The number of bracts could be shown to have increased over time. (E) The airflow patterns over the cone's surfaces could be shown to be produced by such arrangements. 151 Isadora Duncan's masterly writings on the dance reveal 10. Select the sentence in the passage that i mplies the the depth of her determination to create a lyric form of the art argumentative function which the author mentions which was free of characterization, storytelling, and the Duncan‘s reliance on music in her recitals to serve. theatrical exhibition of skills. She wished to discard the traditional methods and established vocabularies of such dance forms as ballet and to explore the internal sources of human expressiveness. She shunned bodily ornamentation and strove to use only the natural movements of her body, undistorted by acrobatic exaggeration and stimulated only by internal compulsion. In her recitals Duncan danced to the music of Beethoven, Wagner, and Gluck, among others, but, contrary to popular belief, she made no attempt to visualize or to interpret the music; rather, she simply relied on it to provide the inspiration for expressing inner feelings through movement. (130 words) 152 Exercise 27 The more that is discovered about the intricate 1. Which of the following best describes the organization organization of the nervous system, the more it seems of the paragraph? remarkable that genes can successfully specify the (A) A specific case is presented, its details are development of that system. Human genes contain too analyzed, and a conclusion is drawn from it. little information even to specify which hemisphere of the (B) A discovery is announced, its most significant 10 brain each of a human's 10 neurons should occupy, let application is discussed, and possibilities for alone the hundreds of connections that each neuron the future are suggested. makes. For such reasons, we can assume that there must (C) A generalization is made, specific situations in be an important random factor in neural development, and which it is applicable are noted, and problems in particular, that errors must and do occur in the with it are suggested. development of all normal brains. (D) An observation is made, specifics are provided (93 words) to support it, and a generalization is derived. (E) A hypothesis is presented, its...
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