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Unformatted text preview: tle connections between them, began to amass the material for Remembrance. By August, Proust was writing to Vallette, informing him of his intention to develop intellect. C □ Saint-Beuve concentrated too much on plots and not enough on imagery and other elements of style. the material as a novel. Maurice Bardeche, in Marcel Proust, romancier, has shown the importance in the drafts of Remembrance of spontaneous and apparently random associations of Proust‘s subconscious. 5. In the context in which it appears, "spontaneous " in the (124 words) last sentence most nearly means. A ○ contrived B ○ powerful C ○ abstruse D ○ involuntary E ○ premeditated 97 The great variety of plants in Hawaii is a result of the 6. The author of the passage is primarily concerned with long-distance dispersal of seeds. There is some dispute (A) discussing different approaches biologists have about the method of transport involved. Some biologists taken to testing theories about the distribution of argue that ocean and air cur-rents are responsible for the plants in Hawaii transport of plant seeds to Hawaii. Yet the results of (B) discussing different theories about the transport of flotation experiments and the low temperatures of air plant seeds to Hawaii currents cast doubt on these hypotheses. More probable is (C) discussing the extent to which air currents are bird transport, either externally, by accidental attachment of responsible for the dispersal of plant seeds to the seeds to feathers, or internally, by the swallowing of Hawaii fruit and subsequent excretion of the seeds. While it is (D) resolving a dispute about the adaptability of plant likely that fewer varieties of plant seeds have reached Hawaii seeds to bird transport externally than internally, more varieties are known to be (E) resolving a dispute about the ability of birds to adapted to external than to internal transport. carry plant seeds long distances (119 words) 7. The author mentions the results of flotation experiments on plant seeds most probably in order to (A) support the claim that the distribution of plants in Hawaii is the result of the long-distance dispersal of seeds (B) lend credibility to the thesis that air currents provide a method of transport for plant seeds to Hawaii (C) suggest that the long-distance dispersal of seeds is a process that requires long periods of time (D) challenge the claim that ocean currents are responsible for the transport of plant seeds to Hawaii (E) refute the claim that Hawaiian flora evolved independently from flora in other parts of the world 98 Recent scholarship has strongly suggested that the aspects 8. Which of the following statements could most logically of early New England culture that seem to have been most follow the last sentence of the passage? distinctly Puritan, such as the strong religious orientation and the communal impulse, were not typical of New England as a (A) Thus, had more attention been paid to the whole, but w...
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