Of how line discipline such as theology or science

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Unformatted text preview: istemology, the general explanation of what it means to know something. Modern philosophers now 30 trace that notion back at least to Descartes and Spinoza, but it was not explicitly articulated until the late eighteenth century, by Kant, and did not become built into the structure of academic institutions and the standard self-descriptions of philosophy professors until the late 74 5. Which of the following best expresses the author‘s 7. Select the sentence in the passage in which the author characterizes Descartes‘ support for the new science of main point? A ○ Philosophy‘s overriding interest in basic human the seventeenth century. questions is a legacy primarily of the work of Kant. B ○ Philosophy was deeply involved in the seventeenth- F or the following question, consider each of the century warfare between science and religion. C The set of problems of primary importance to ○ choices separately and select all that apply philosophers has remained relatively constant since 8. With which of the following statements concerning the antiquity. D ○ The status of philosophy as an independent writing of history would the author of the passage be most likely to agree? intellectual pursuit is a relatively recent development. E ○ The role of philosophy in guiding intellectual speculation has gradually been usurped by science. A □ History should not be distorted by attributing present-day consciousness to historical figures. B □ History should be concerned with describing those F or the following question, consider each of the aspects of the past that differ most from those of the choices separately and select all that apply present. C □ History should not emphasize the role played by 6. The author of the passage implies which of the ideas over the role played by individuals. following in discussing the development of philosophy during the nineteenth century EXCEPT? A □ Nineteenth-century philosophy took science as its model for understanding the bases of knowledge. B □ Nineteenth-century philosophers carried out a program of investigation explicitly laid out by Descartes and Spinoza. C □ Kant had an overwhelming impact on the direction of nineteenth-century philosophy. 75 Question 9 is based on the following reading passage. 9.Which of the following most closely parallels the Although recent years have seen substantial reductions situation described in the first sentence of the in noxious pollutants from individual motor vehicles, passage? the number of such vehicles has been steadily increasing. Consequently, more than 100 cities in the A ○ Although a town reduces its public services in United States still have levels of carbon monoxide, order to avoid a tax increase, the town's tax particulate matter, and ozone (generated by rate exceeds that of other towns in the photochemical, reactions with hydrocarbons from vehicle surrounding area. B ○ Although a state passes strict laws to limit the exhaust) that exceed legally es...
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