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Unformatted text preview: nets, (C) is different from its planet geochemically the Moon‘s core contains little or no iron, while the typical (D) was formed by a collision between two celestial planet-forming materials were quite rich in iron. Other bodies theorists propose that the Moon was ripped out of the Earth‘s (E) was formed out of the planet-forming materials rocky mantle by the Earth‘s collision with another large in the presolar nebula celestial body after much of the Earth‘s iron fell to its core. One problem with the collision hypothesis is the question of how a 3. Which of the following, if true, would be most likely satellite formed in this way could have s ettled into the nearly to make it difficult to verify the collision hypothesis circular orbit that the Moon has today. Fortunately, the in the manner suggested by the author? collision hypothesis is testable. If it is true, the mantle rocks (A) The Moon‘s core and mantle rock are almost of the Moon and the Earth should be the same geochemically. inactive geologically. (155 words) (B) The mantle rock of the Earth has changed in composition since the formation of the F or the following question, consider each of the Moon, while the mantle rock of the Moon has choices separately and select all that apply remained chemically inert. (C) Much of the Earth‘s iron fell to the Earth‘s core 1. According to the passage, Mars and the Earth are long before the formation of the Moon, after which the Earth‘s mantle rock remained similar in which of the following ways? unchanged. (D) Certain of the Earth‘s elements, such as platinum, A Their satellites were formed by collisions with other celestial bodies. gold, and iridium, followed iron to the Earth‘s core. B Their cores contain iron. C They were formed from the presolar nebula. (E) The mantle rock of the Moon contains elements such as platinum, gold, and iridium. 101 A long-held view of the history of the English expedition in more than a century, but it proved to be an colonies that became the United States has been that utter failure. Under Charles II, the English army was t oo England‘s policy toward these colonies before 1763 was small to be a major instrument of government. Not until the dictated by commercial interests and that a change to a war France in 1697 did William III persuade Parliament to more imperial policy, dominated by expansionist militarist create a professional standing army, and Parliaments price objectives, generated the tensions that ultimately led to the for doing so was to keep the army under tight legislative American Revolution. In a recent study, Stephen Saunders control. While it may be true that the crown attempted to Webb has presented a formidable challenge to this view. curtail the power of the colonial upper classes, it is hard to According to Webb, England already had a military imagine how the English army during the seventeenth imperial policy for more than a century before the century could have provided si...
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