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Unformatted text preview: ness in humans (C) The loss of a claw during the sixth stage of (B) developing a method for predicting whether development crusher claws in lobsters will appear on the (D) Development in an environment devoid of material left or right side that can be manipulated (C) explaining differences between lobsters' (E) Development in an environment that changes crusher claws and cutter claws frequently throughout the stages of development (D) discussing a possible explanation for the way bilateral asymmetry is determined in lobsters (E) summarizing the stages of development of the lobster 173 (A) the physicists, using a different method for 10. Which of the following, if true, most logically estimating how many neutrinos should reach the completes the passage? location, confirmed their original estimate (B) there are several competing hypotheses about the E very fusion reaction releases neutrinos. To test a frequency of solar fusion reactions hypothesis about the frequency of fusion reactions in the (C) there is not enough energy in the Sun to destroy a Sun, physicists calculated the number of neutrinos the neutrino once it is released Sun would produce annually if the hypothesis were (D) the method used to count neutrinos detects no correct. From this they estimated how many neutrinos more than approximately ten percent of the should pass through a particular location on Earth. The neutrinos that pass through fact that far fewer neutrinos were counted than were (E) neutrinos released in the fusion reactions of other predicted to pass through the location would seem to prove that the hypothesis is wrong, except that------. stars also reach the Earth 174 Exercise 31 1. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the High Towers, a company that occupies several office argument given? buildings, is considering installing new energyefficient lightbulbs in its buildings. The new bulbs (A) If the new bulbs are widel y adopted, as seems require less than half the electricity consumed by the likely, they will be produced in large enough conventional bulbs currently used to produce the quantities to be offered at prices comparable to same amount of light. The new bulbs also last those of conventional bulbs. considerably longer. It follows that by replacing old (B) The utility that supplies High Towers with bulbs as they bum out with the new kind of bulb, electricity offers discount rates to its largest High Towers would significantly reduce its overall lighting costs. customers. (C) High Towers has recently signed a contract to occupy an additional small office building. (D) High Towers has begun a campaign to encourage its employees to turn off lights whenever they leave a room. (E) The company that manufactures the new bulbs has been granted a patent on the innovative technology used in the bulbs and thus has exclusive rights to manufacture them. 175 The defoliation of millions of acres of trees by massive Further research has shown that caterpillars becom...
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