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Unformatted text preview: wording of the laws in continue to permit employers to offer employee health question insurance plans that cover all known human medical (B) the protective nature of the laws in question disabilities except those relating to pregnancy and childbirth. should not be overlooked (170 words) (C) protecting the health of workers is important to those who support protective labor laws (D) the laws in question were really used to the detriment of women workers, despite being o vertly protective in intent (E) the health of workers is not in need of protection, even in jobs where many hours of overtime work are required 170 If the statements given are true, it can be properly 3.A society can achieve a fair distribution of resources concluded from them that only under conditions of economic growth. There can be no economic growth unless the society guarantees (A) no government can achieve a fair distribution of equality of economic opportunity to all of its citizens. resources under conditions of economic growth Equality of economic opportunity cannot be (B) all societies that guarantee equality of economic guaranteed unless a society's government actively opportunity to all of their members are societies works to bring it about. that distribute resources fairly (C) a society can achieve a fair distribution of resources only if its government actively works to bring about equality of economic opportunity (D) there can be no economic growth in a society unless that society guarantees a fair distribution of resources (E) some societies that experience economic growth fail to guarantee equality of opportunity to all of their citizens 171 The sweep of narrative in A. N. Wilson's biography of C. S. 5.The author of the passage would be most likely to Lewis is impressive and there is much that is acute and well agree with which of the following statements regarding argued. But much in this work is careless and unworthy of its Till We Have Faces? author. Wilson, a novelist and an accomplished biographer, (A) It is an improvement over the Eros and Psyche has failed to do what any writer on such a subject as Lewis story on which it is based. ought to do, namely work out a coherent view of how the (B) It illustrated Lewis' attempt to involve his readers various literary works by the subject are to be described and emotionally in the story of Eros and Psyche. commented on. Decisions have to be made on what to look at (C) It was more highly regarded by Wilson than by in detail and what to pass by with just a mention. Wilson has Lewis himself. not thought this problem out. For instance, Till We Have (D) It is one of the outstanding literary achievements Faces, Lewis' treatment of the Eros and Psyche story and one of Lewis' career. of his best-executed and most moving works, is merely (E) It is probably one of the most popular of Lewis' mentioned by Wilson, though it illuminates Lewis' spiritual works. development, whereas Lewis' minor work Pilgrim's Regress is looked at in...
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