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Unformatted text preview: g accurately describes the 5. In describing the "evolutionary mechanism" (the first relationship between the evolutionary and sentence of the third paragraph), the author mentions developmental theories discussed in the passage? which of the following? (A) Although the two theories reach the same (A) The favorable conditions for nurturing new conclusion, each is based on different offspring assumptions. (B) The variable environmental conditions that (B) They present contradictory explanations of the affect survival of adult snails same phenomenon. (C) The availability of potential mates for breeding (C) The second theory accounts for certain (D) The structural identity of offspring to parents of phenomena that the first cannot explain. the same hand (D) The second theory demonstrates why the first is (E) The frequency of unions between snails of valid only for very unusual, special cases. different species (E) They are identical and interchangeable in that the second theory merely restates the first in less technical terms. 161 Martin Luther King's role in the movement protesting 8.Select the sentence in the passage in which the author the war in Vietnam appears to require little explanation, indicates a reason for the delay of King‘s public protest since he was the foremost advocate of nonviolence of his against the war. time. But King's stance on the Vietnam War cannot be explained in terms of pacifism alone. After all, he was something of a latecomer to the antiwar movement, even though by 1965 he was convinced that the role of the United States in the war was indefensible. Why then the two years that passed before he translated his private misgivings into public dissent? Perhaps he believed that he could not criticize American foreign policy without endangering the support for civil rights that he had won from the federal government. (116 words) 162 9. Which of the following is an assumption on which An economist concluded that Kregg Company the economist's argument depends? deliberately discriminated against people with a history of union affiliation in hiring workers for its (A) None of the people with a history of union new plant. The economist's evidence is that, of the affiliation who were hired to work at the new 1,500 people hired to work at the new plant, only 100 plant were union organizers. had ever belonged to a labor union, whereas in Kregg (B) Applicants for jobs at the new plant were not Company's older plants, a much higher proportion of workers have a history of union affiliation. asked by Kregg's recruiters whether they had ever belonged to a labor union. (C) In the plants of some of Kregg's competitors, the workforce consists predominantly of union members. (D) The company believes that the cost of running the new plant will be lower if labor unions are not represented in the workforce. (E) The pool of potential candidates for jobs at the new plant included some people, in addition to those Kregg hired, with a history...
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