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Unformatted text preview: velength, (D) absorbed by atmospheric water vapor infrared emissions radiated from the Earth‘s surface, (E) reflected back to space by snow and ice radiation that would otherwise be transmitted back into space. For the Earth to maintain a constant aver age 10 F or the following question, consider each of the temperature, such emissions from the planet must choices separately and select all that apply balance incoming solar radiation. If there were no car-bon dioxide in the atmosphere, heat would escape from the 4. According to the passage, atmospheric carbon Earth much more easily. The surface temperature would dioxide performs which of the following functions A □ absorbing radiation at visible wavelengths B □ absorbing outgoing radiation from the Earth C □ helping to retain heat near the Earth ‘s surface be so much lower that the oceans might be a solid mass 15 of ice. (120 words) 30 Initially the Vinaver theory that Malory‘s eight F or the following question, consider each of the romances, once thought to be fundamentally unified. choices separately and select all that apply were in fact eight independent works produced both a Line sense of relief and an unpleasant shock. Vinaver ‘s 5. It can be inferred from the passage that the author theory comfortably explained away the apparent believes which of the following about Malory‘s contradictions of chronology and made each romance 5 works? independently satisfying. It was, however, disagreeable A □ There are meaningful links between and among the romances. to find that what had been thought of as one book was now eight books. Part of this response was the natural 10 B □ The subtleties of the romances are obscured when they are taken as one work. C □ Any contradictions in chronology among the reaction to the disturbance of set ideas. Nevertheless, even now, after lengthy consideration of the theory‘s refined but legitimate observations, one cannot avoid the conclusion that the eight romances are only one work. It is not quite a matter of disagreeing with the 15 romances are less important than their overall unity. theory of independence, but of rejecting its implications : that the romances may be taken in any or no particular 6. The author of the passage concedes which of the order, that they have no cumulative effect, and that they following about the Vinaver theory? are as separate as the works of a modern novelist. (A) It gives a clearer understanding of the unity of Malory‘s romances. (154 words) (B) It demonstrates the irrationality of considering Malory‘s romances to be unified. (C) It establishes acceptable links between Malory‘s romances and modern novels. (D) It unifies earlier and later theories concerning the chronology of Malory‘s romances. (E) It makes valid and subtle comments about Malory‘s romances. 7. Select the sentence in the passage that suggests that, in evaluating the Vinaver theory, some critics were initially biased by previous interpretations...
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