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Unformatted text preview: vity crystal growth, crystals grown in that of producing them using standard laboratory space must be compared with the best crystals that have been techniques. grown with standard techniques on Earth. (E) The standard techniques used in Earth laboratories (139 words) were modified in the Space Lab experiment due to the effects of microgravity. 2.Which of the following can be inferred from the passage about the device used to grow crystals in the Space Lab experiment? (A) The device is more expensive to manufacture than are the devices used in standard techniques in an Earth laboratory. (B) The device has not been used to grow crystals in space since the Space Lab experiment of 1983. (C) Crystals grown in the device on Earth tend to be much smaller than crystals grown in it in space. (D) Crystals grown in the device in space have been exceeded in size by crystals grown in subsequent experiments in space using other devices. (E) The experiments in which the device was used were conducted with proper controls. 205 An experimental version of the traditional scholarly 3. The author of the passage suggests that which of the methods course was designed to raise students' following is a disadvantage of the strategy employed in consciousness about the usefulness of traditional learning the experimental scholarly methods course? for any modern critic or theorist. To minimize the artificial (A) Students were not given an opportunity to study aspects of the conventional course, the usual procedure of women writers outside the canon. assigning a large number of small problems drawn from the (B) Students' original work would not be appreciated entire range of historical periods was abandoned, though by recognized scholars. this procedure has the obvious advantage of at least (C) Little scholarly work has been done on the work superficially familiarizing students with a wide range of of Elizabeth Griffith. reference sources. Instead, students were engaged in a (D) Most of the students in the course had had little collective effort to do original work on a neglected opportunity to study eighteenth-century literature. eighteenth-century writer, Elizabeth Griffith, to give them (E) Students were not given an opportunity to an authentic experience of literary scholarship and to encounter certain sources of information that could inspire them to take responsibility for the quality of their prove useful in their future studies. own work. Griffith's work presented a number of advantages for this particular pedagogical purpose. The 4. It can be inferred that the author of the passage con- body of extant scholarship on Griffith was so tiny that it siders traditional scholarly methods courses to be could all be read in a day. In addition, because Griffith was (A) irrelevant to the work of most students successful in the eighteenth century, her exclusion from the (B) inconsequential because of their narrow focus canon and virtual disappearance from literary history also (C)...
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