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Unformatted text preview: ship and equal protection to the freed slaves. listed below ? Although Congress promptly overrode Johnson's veto, I. Civil Rights Act of 1866 supporters of the act sought to ensure its constitutional II. Dred Scott v. Sandford foundations with the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. III. Fourteenth Amendment (172 words) IV. Veto by President Johnson (A) I, II, III, IV (B) I, IV, II, III (C) I, IV, III, II (D) II, I, IV, III (E) III, II, I, IV 6. In the context in which it appears, "overrode" most nearly means A ○ trampled B ○ extended C ○ annulled D ○ neutralized E ○ compromised 167 Many organisms are capable of altering their habitat 7.It can be inferred from the passage that which of the significantly, sometimes limiting their own growth. The followings is true about Asterionella plants in Lake influence of the biological component of an ecosystem is Windermere? often greater in fresh waters that in marine or terrestrial (A) They are not present except in early spring. systems, because of the small size of many freshwater (B) They contribute silica to the waters as they grow. bodies. Many of the important effects of organisms are (C) They are food for other organisms. related to their physiology, especially growth and (D) They form a silica-rich layer on the lake respiration. By their growth many species can deplete bottom. essential nutrients within the system, thus limiting their (E) Their growth peaks in the spring. own growth or that of other species. Lund has demonstrated that in Lake Windermere the alga Asterionella is unable to 8. Select the sentence in the passage that indicates certain grow in conditions that it itself has created. Once a year, in causes of the alteration of organisms to their habitat. the spring, this plant starts to grow rapidly in the lake, using up so much silica from the water that by late spring there is no longer enough to maintain its own growth. The population decreases dramatically as a result. (147 words) 168 Design courses should be an essential element in 9.The author calls the predicament faced by the engineering curricula. Because perceptive processes are not Historic American Engineering Record "para- assumed to entail "hard thinking," nonverbal thought is doxical" most probably because sometimes seen as a primitive stage in the development of (A) the publication needed drawings that its own cognitive processes and inferior to verbal or mathematical staff could not make thought. But it is paradoxical that when the staff of the (B) architectural schools offered but did not require Historic American Engineering Record wished to have engineering design courses for their students drawings made of machines and isometric views of (C) college students were qualified to make the industrial processes for its historical record of American drawings while practicing engineers were not engineering, the only college students with the requisite (D) the drawings needed were so com...
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