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Unformatted text preview: abe rabbits (A) presenting a hypothesis and describing had had as many LDL receptors on their livers as compelling evidence in support of it do normal rabbits, the Watanabe rabbits would (B) raising a question and describing an important have been discovery that led to an answer (A) less likely than normal rabbits to develop heart (C) showing that a certain genetically caused disease disease can be treated effectively with drugs (B) less likely than normal rabbits to develop high (D) explaining what causes the genetic mutation concentrations of cholesterol in their blood that leads to heart disease (C) less useful than they actually were to scientists (E) discussing the importance of research on in the study of familial hypercholesterolemia animals for the study of human disease in humans (D) unable to secrete VLDL‘s from their livers F or the following question, consider each of the (E) immune to drugs that lower cholesterol levels in choices separately and select all that apply people with certain forms of familial 4. The passage supplies information to answer which hypercholesterolemia of the following questions EXCEPT? 6. The passage implies that Watanabe rabbits differ A Which body cells are the primary users of from normal rabbits in which of the following ways? cholesterol? (A) Watanabe rabbits have more LDL receptors B How did scientists discover that LDL‘s are than do normal rabbits. secreted from the liver in the form of a precursor? (B) The blood of Watanabe rabbits contains more C Where in the body are VLDL remnants VLDL remnants than does the blood of degraded? normal rabbits. (C) Watanabe rabbits have fewer fatty tissues than do normal rabbits. (D) Watanabe rabbits secrete lower levels of VLDL‘s than do normal rabbits. (E) The blood of Watanabe rabbits contains fewer LDL‘s than does the blood of normal rabbits. 115 Discussion of the assimilation of Puerto Ricans in the 7. It can be inferred from the passage that a writer such as United States has focused on two different factors: social Eugenio Fernandez Mendez would most likely agree with standing and the loss of national culture, depending on which of the following statements concerning members of whether the commentator is North American or Puerto Rican. minority ethnic groups? Many North American social scientists consider Puerto (A) It is necessary for the members of such groups Ricans as the most recent in a long line of ethnic entrants to to adapt to the culture of the majority. occupy the lowest rung on the social ladder. Such a ―socio- (B) The members of such groups generally encounter demographic‖ approach tends to regard assimilation as a a culture that is static and undifferentiated. benign process. In contrast, the ―colonialist‖ approach of (C) Social mobility is the most important feature island-based writers tends to view assimilation as the forced of the experience of members of such groups. loss of national culture in an unequal contest with imposed (D) S...
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