Principal source of deuterium for nuclear fusion

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Unformatted text preview: y o vertly political standards, rating each work according to the notions of Black identity which it propounds. 10 Although fiction assuredly springs from political circumstances, its authors react to those circumstances in ways other than ideological, and talking about novels and stories primarily as instruments of ideology circumvents much of the fictional enterprise. Rosenblatt‘s literary 15 analysis discloses affinities and connections among works of Black fiction which solely political studies have o verlooked or ignored. Writing acceptable criticism of Black fiction, however, presupposes giving satisfactory answers to a number of questions. First of all, is there a 20 sufficient reason, other than the racial identity of the authors, to group together works by Black authors? Second, how does Black fiction make itself distinct from other modern fiction with which it is largely contemporaneous? Rosenblatt shows that Black fiction 25 constitutes a distinct body of writing that has an identifiable, coherent literary tradition. Looking at novels written by Blacks over the last eighty years, he discovers recurring concerns and designs independent of chronology. These structures are thematic, and they 30 spring, not surprisingly, from the central fact that the Black characters in these novels exist in a predominantly White culture, whether they try to conform to that culture of rebel against it. Black Fiction does leave some aesthetic questions 35 open. Rosenblatt‘s thematic analysis permits considerable objectivity; he even explicitly states that it is not his intention to judge the merit of the various works— yet his reluctance seems misplaced, especially since an attempt to appraise might have led to interesting results. For 40 instance, some of the novels appear to be structurally diffuse. Is this a defect, or are the authors working out of, or trying to forge, a different kind of aesthetic? In addition, the style of some Black novels, like Jean Toomer‘s Cane, verges on expressionism or surrealism; 45 does this technique provide a counterpoint to the prevalent theme that portrays the fate against which Black heroes are pitted, a theme usually con veyed by more naturalistic modes of expression? In spite of such omissions, what Rosenblatt does 50 include in his discussion makes for an astute and worthwhile study. Black Fiction surveys a wide variety of novels, bringing to our attention in the process some fascinating and little-known works like James Weldon Johnson‘s Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. Its 55 argument is tightly constructed, and its forthright, lucid style exemplifies levelheaded and penetrating criticism. 20 3. The author of the passage objects to criticism of 5. The author of the passage believes that Black Black fiction like that by Addison Gayle Fiction would have been improved had because it Rosenblatt (A) emphasizes purely literary aspects of such (A) evaluated more carefully the ideological fiction and historical aspect...
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