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Unformatted text preview: ection never promotes a purely less advantageous variation. As other explanations 45 proved equally untenable, biologists concluded that there is no important adaptive difference between lefteyedness and right-eyedness, and that the two characteristics are genetically associated with some other adaptively significant characteristic. This 50 situation is one commonly encountered by evolutionary biologists, who must often decide whether a characteristic is adaptive or selectively neutral. As for the left-eyed and right-eyed flatfish, their difference, however striking, appears to be an 55 evolutionary red herring. (456 words) 38 10. According to the passage, starry flounder differ from most other species of flatfish in that starry flounder (A) are not basically bilaterally symmetric (B) do not become asymmetric until adulthood (C) do not all share the same asymmetry (D) have both eyes on the same side of the head (E) tend to cluster in only certain geographic regions 12. According to the passage, a possible disadvantage associated with eye migration in flatfish is that the optic nerves can (A) adhere to one another (B) detach from the eyes (C) cross (D) stretch (E) twist F or the following question, consider each of the 13. Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage as a whole? (A) A phenomenon is described and an interpretation presented and rejected. (B) A generalization is made and supporting evidence is supplied and weighed. (C) A contradiction is noted and a resolution is suggested and then modified. (D) A series of observations is presented and explained in terms of the dominant theory. (E) A h ypothesis is introduced and corroborated in the light of new evidence. choices separately and select all that apply 11. The author would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements about left-eyedness and right-eyedness in the starry flounder? A □ They are adaptive variations by the starry flounder to environmental differences. B □ They do not seem to give obvious selective advantages to the starry flounder. C □ They occur in different proportions in different locations. 39 Exercise 8 Heat pumps circulate a fluid refrigerant that cycles 1. According to the passage, the role of the flow alternatively from its liquid phase to its vapor phase in a restriction in a heat pump is to closed loop. The refrigerant, starting as a low- (A) measure accurately the flow rate of the Line temperature, low-pressure vapor, enters a compressor 5 refrigerant mass at that point driven by an electric motor. The refrigerant leaves the (B) compress and heat the refrigerant vapor compressor as a hot, dense vapor and flows through a (C) bring about the evaporation and cooling of heat exchanger called the condenser, which transfers refrigerant heat from the refrigerant to a body of air. Now the (D) exchange heat between the refrigerant and the refrigerant, as a high-pressure, cooled liquid, confronts 10 air at that point a flow restri...
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