Recognized as wholes in a parallel procedure the

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Unformatted text preview: psychologists representation becomes more holistic and the recognition make which of the following suppositions about process correspondingly more parallel, the weight of visual recognition? A A retinal image is in exactly the same forms as its □ internal representation. B □ An object is recognized as a whole without any need evidence seems to support the serial hypothesis, at least for objects that are not notably simple and familiar. (151 words) for analysis into component parts. C □ The matching of an object with its internal representation occurs in only one step. 17 [This page is intentionally left blank. ] 18 Exercise 4 It is a popular misconception that nuclear fusion 1. It can be inferred from the passage that the power is free of radioactivity; in fact, the deuterium- author believes which of the following about the tritium reaction that nuclear scientists are currently current state of public awareness concerning Line exploring with such zeal produces both alpha particles nuclear fusion power? 5 (A) The public has been deliberately misinformed and neutrons. (The neutrons are used to produce tritium from a lithium blanket surrounding the reactor.) about the advantages and disadvantages of Another common misconception is that nuclear fusion nuclear fusion power. power is a virtually unlimited source of energy because (B) The public is unaware of the principal of the enormous quantity of deuterium in the sea. 10 advantage of nuclear fusion over nuclear Actually, its limits are set by the amount of available fission as an energy source. (C) The public‘s awareness of the scientific lithium, which is about as plentiful as uranium in the Earth‘s crust. Research should certainly continue on facts concerning nuclear fusion power is controlled nuclear fusion, but no energy program somewhat distorted and incomplete. should be premised on its existence until it has proven 15 practical. (D) The public is not interested in increasing its (122 words) awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear fusion power. (E) The public is aware of the disadvantages of nuclear fusion power but not of its advantages. F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply 2. The passage provides information that would answer which of the following questions EXCEPT? A □ How much incidental radiation is produced in the deuterium tritium fusion reaction? B □ What is likely to be the principal source of deuterium for nuclear fusion power? C □ Why are scientists exploring the deuteriumtritium fusion reaction with such zeal? 19 Roger Rosenblatt‘s book Black Fiction, in attempting to apply literary rather than sociopolitical criteria to its subject, successfully alters the approach taken by Line most previous studies. As Rosenblatt notes, criticism 5 of Black writing has often served as a pretext for expounding on Black history. Addison Gayle‘s recent work, for example, judges the value of Black fiction b...
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