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Unformatted text preview: ere largely confined to the two colonies of evidence, Davis would not have been tempted Massachusetts and Connecticut. Thus, what in contrast to the to argue that the culture of the South Puritan colonies appears to Professor Davis to be peculiarly diverged greatly from Puritan culture in the Southern was not only more typically English than the seventeenth century. cultural patterns exhibited by Puritan Massachusetts and (B) Thus, convergence, not divergence, seems to Connecticut, but also almost certainly characteristic of most have characterized the cultural development other early modern British colonies from Barbados north to of the American colonies in the eighteenth Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Within the larger century. framework of American colonial life, then, not the Southern (C) Thus, without the cultural diversity represented but the Puritan colonies appear to have been distinctive, and by the America South, the culture of colonial even they seem to have been rapidly assimilating to the America would certainly have been dominant cultural patterns by the late Colonial period. homogeneous in nature. (D) Thus, the contribution of Southern colonials to ( 145 words) American culture was certainly overshadowed by that of the Puritans. (E) Thus, the culture of America during the Colonial period was far more sensitive to outside influences than historians are accustomed to acknowledge. 99 A s erious critic has to comprehend the particular content, 9. Select the sentence that gives a reason why it is unique structure, and special meaning of a work of art. And insufficient to treat a work of art solely historically. here she faces a dilemma. The critic must recognize the 10. The author‘s argument is developed primarily by artistic element of uniqueness that requires subjective reaction; yet she must not be unduly prejudiced by such reactions. It is the use of necessary that a critic develop a sensibility informed by (A) an attack on sentimentality familiarity with the history of art and aesthetic theory. On the (B) an example of successful art criticism other hand, it is insufficient to treat the artwork solely (C) a critique of artists training historically, in relation to a fixed set of ideas or values. The (D) a warning against extremes in art criticism critic‘s knowledge and training are, rather, a preparation of the (E) an analogy between art criticism and art cognitive and emotional abilities needed for an adequate production personal response to an artwork‘s own particular qualities. (118 words) 100 Exercise 18 Theorists are divided concerning the origin of the Moon. 2. The author implies that a nearly circular orbit is Some hypothesize that the Moon was formed in the same unlikely for a satellite that way as were the planets in the inner solar system (Mercury, (A) circles one of the inner planets Venus, Mars, and Earth)—from planet-forming materials in (B) is deficient in iron the presolar nebula. But, unlike the cores of the inner pla...
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