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Unformatted text preview: educing the need for artificial light. The rest of the skylight. the store uses only artificial light. Since the store (B) When the store is open at night, the departments opened two years ago, the departments on the sunlit in the part of the store under the skylight have side have had substantially higher sales than the other departments. sales that are no higher than those of other departments. (C) Many customers purchase items from departments in both parts of the store on a single shopping trip. (D) Besides the skylight, there are several significant architectural differences between the two parts of the store. (E) The departments in the part of the store under the skylight are the departments that generally have the highest sales in other stores in the Savefast chain. 208 Influenced by the view of some t wentieth-century 9. Select the sentence that includes a qualification of the feminists that women's position within the family is one of author‘s critical attitude toward the study of the historians the central factors determining women's social position, as they are described in the passage. some historians have underestimated the significance of the woman suffrage movement. These historians contend that F or the following question, consider each of the nineteenth-century suffragis m was less radical and, hence, choices separately and select all that apply less important than, for example, the moral reform movement or domestic feminism—two nineteenth-century 10. The passage provides information to support which of movements in which women struggled for more power and the following statements about the historians discussed in autonomy within the family. True, by emphasizing these the passage EXCEPT struggles, such historians have broadened the conventional view of nineteenth-century feminism, but they do a A They rely too greatly on the perceptions of the actual historical disservice to suffragism. Nineteenth-century participants in the events they study. feminists and anti-feminist alike perceived the suffragists' B Their assessment of the significance of nineteenth- demand for enfranchisement as the most radical element in century suffragism differs considerably from that women's protest, in part because suffragists were of nineteenth-century feminists. demanding power that was not based on the institution of the family, women's traditional sphere. C They devote too much attention to nineteenth- (135 words) century suffragism at the expense of more radical movements that emerged shortly after the turn of the century. 209 答 案 第一部分 Exe 1 1. C Exe 6 2. B 3. D 1. E 2. E 4. D 5. E 3. B 6. D 5. AC 7. AB 8. A 9. E 10. B 4. BC 6. E 7. ―Part of this response was…‖ 8. A 9. D 10. B 11. D 11. Without invoking gods or demons… 12. D 13. C 12. E 13. ―I have been increasingly impressed with‖ Exe 2 Exe 7 1. A 2. D 3. D 1. C 2. A 4. AB 3. B 4. E 5. A 5. E 6. B 7. C 6. C 8. A 9. AB 11. ABC 7. C 10. E 12. E 8. A 9. ―Their present high st...
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