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Unformatted text preview: ture throughout the Vostok record is consistent and predictable. The absolute temperature changes, however, are from 5 to 14 times greater than would be expected on the basis of carbon dioxide‘s own ability to absorb infrared radiation, or radiant heat. This reaction suggests that, quite aside from changes in heat-trapping gases, commonly known as greenhouse gases, certain positive feedbacks are also amplifying the temperature change. Such feedbacks might involve ice on land and sea, clouds, or water vapor, which also absorb radiant heat. Other data from the Vostok core show that methane gas also correlates closely with temperature and carbon dioxide. The methane concentration nearly doubled, for example, between the peak of the penultimate glacial period and the following interglacial period. Within the 200 F or the following question, consider each of the 5. It can be inferred from the passage that a long-term choices separately and select all that apply decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide in 3. The passage p rovides information to support which the Earth‘s atmosphere would of the following statements about methane EXCEPT? (A) increase methane concentration in the Earth‘s atmosphere A Methane is more effective than carbon dioxide (B) accompany a period of glaciation in absorbing radiant heat. (C) encourage the formation of more oxygen isotopes in the Earth‘s atmosphere B The higher the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth‘s atmosphere; the lower the (D) promote the formation of more water in the Earth‘s global environment concentration of methane. C Most of the global warming that has occurred (E) increase the amount of infrared radiation absorbed by the Earth‘s atmosphere during the past 10 years has been associated with increased methane concentration. 6. The passage suggests that when the methane concentration in the Earth‘s atmosphere 4. According to the passage, which of the following statements best describes the relationship between decreases, which of the following also carbon dioxide and global temperature? happens? (A) Carbon dioxide levels change immediately (A) Glaciers melt faster. in response to changes in temperature. (B) The concentration of carbon dioxide increases. (B) Carbon dioxide levels correlate with global (C) The mean global temperature decreases. temperature during cooling periods only. (D) Carbon dioxide absorbs more radiant beat (E) More clouds form in the Earth‘s atmosphere (C) Once carbon dioxide levels increase, they remain high regardless of changes in global temperature. (D)Carbon dioxide levels increase more quickly than global temperature does. (E) During cooling periods, carbon dioxide levels initially remain high and then decline. 201 7. The author‘s assertions concerning the conditions The essential condition for the decay of the vacuum is the presence of an intense electric field. As a result of the that lead to the decay of the vacuum would be decay of the vacuum, the...
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