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Unformatted text preview: etaphor Nahuatl is the juxtaposition of two words that, because they are synonyms, associated te rms, or even contraries, complement each other to evoke one single idea. Used as 15 F or the following question, consider each of the choices separately and select all that apply metaphor, the juxtaposed terms connote specific or essential traits of the being they refer to, introducing a 10. It can be inferred solely from the information mode of poetry as an almost habitual form of expression. in the passage EXCEPT that (140 words) A □ all abstract universal ideas are ideas of complex relations B □ some record or evidence of the thought of the tlamatinime exists C □ metaphors are always used in Nahuatl to express abstract conceptual relationships 27 Since science tries to deal with reality, even the most 11. According to the passage, scientists are skeptical precise sciences normally work with more or less toward their equations because scientists imperfectly understood approximations toward which (A) work to explain real, rather than theoretical Line scientists must maintain an appropriate skepticism. Thus, 5 or simplified, situations for instance, it may come as a shock to mathematicians to (B) know that well-defined problems are often learn that the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom the most difficult to solve is not a literally correct description of this atom, but only (C) are unable to express their data in terms of an approximation to a somewhat more correct equation multiple variables taking account of spin, magnetic dipole, and relativistic 10 (D) are unwilling to relax the axioms they have effects; and that this corrected equation is itself only an developed imperfect approximation to an infinite set of quantum (E) are unable to accept mathematical field-theoretical equations. Physicists, looking at the explanations of natural phenomena original Schrodinger equation, learn to sense in it the presence of many invisible terms in addition to the 15 12. The author implies that scientists develop a differential terms visible, and this sense inspires an healthy skepticism because they are aware that entirely appropriate disregard for the purely technical (A) mathematicians are better able to solve features of the equation. This very healthy skepticism is problems than are scientists foreign to the mathematical approach. Mathematics must (B) changes in axiomatic propositions will deal with well-defined situations. Thus, mathematicians 20 inevitably undermine scientific arguments depend on an intellectual effort outside of mathematics (C) well-defined situations are necessary for the for the crucial specification of the approximation that mathematics is to take literally. design of reliable experiments (177 words) (D) mathematical solutions can rarely be applied to real problems (E) some factors in most situations must remain unknown 28 Exercise 6 Some modern anthropologists hold that biological evolution has shaped not only human mor...
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