The amendment civil rights had not been challenged

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Unformatted text preview: plicated that abilities were not engineering students, but rather students even students in architectural schools had attending architectural schools. difficulty making them. If courses in design, which in a strongly analytical (E) engineering students were not trained to make engineering curriculum provide the background required the type of drawings needed to record the for practical problem-solving, are not provided, we can development of their own discipline expect to encounter silly but costly errors occurring in advanced engineering systems. For example, early models 10.The author uses the example of the early models of of high-speed railroad cars loaded with sophisticated high-speed railroad cars primarily to controls were unable to operate in a snowstorm because a (A) weaken the argument that modern engineering fan sucked snow into the electrical system. (157 words) systems have major defects because of an absence of design courses in engineering curricula (B) support the thesis that the number of errors in modern engineering systems is likely to increase (C) illustrate the idea that courses in design are the most effective means for reducing the cost of designing engineering systems (D) support the contention that a lack of attention to the nonscientific aspects of design results in poor conceptualization by engineers (E) weaken the proposition that mathematics is a necessary part of the study of design 169 Exercise 30 Sex-defined protective laws have often been based on 1. According to the author, which of the following stereotypical assumptions concerning women's needs and resulted from the passage or revival of state laws abilities, and employers have frequently used them as legal limiting the work hours of women workers? excuses for discriminating against women. After the Second (A) Women workers were compelled to leave their jobs in World War, for example, businesses and government sought factories. to persuade women to vacate jobs in factories, thus making (B) Many employers had difficulty in providing jobs for room in the labor force for returning veterans. The revival returning veterans. or passage of state laws limiting the daily or weekly work (C) Many employers found it hard to attract women hours of women conveniently accomplished this. Employers workers. had only to declare that overtime hours were a necessary (D) The health of most women factory workers improved. condition of employment or promotion in their factory, and (E) Employment practices that addressed the real needs of women could be quite legally fired, refused jobs, or kept at women workers became common. low wage levels, all in the name of "protecting" their health. At the same time, even the most well- intentioned 2. The author places the word "protecting" in quotation lawmakers, courts, and employers have often been blind to marks most likely in order to suggest that the real needs of women. The lawmakers and the courts (A) she is quoting the actual...
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