The constitutional monarchy of louis philippe resume

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Unformatted text preview: the 25 F or the following question, consider each of the revolutionary process, the i mpact of the events of June choices separately and select all that apply has been magnified, while, as an unintended consequence, the significance of the February insurrection has been 9. According to the passage, a useful description diminished. Second, like other "successful" insurrections, of participants"(lines 11-12) exists for which of the the events of February failed to generate the most 30 following insurrections of nineteenth-century desirable kinds of historical records. Although the June France? insurrection of 1848 and the Paris Commune of 1871 would be considered watersheds of nineteenth-century A □ The July insurrection of 1830 B □ The February Revolution of 1848 C □ The May insurrection of 1871 French history by any standard, they also present the social historian with a signal advantage: these failed 35 insurrections created a mass of invaluable documentation as a by-product of authorities‘ efforts to search out and punish the rebels. Quite different is the outcome of successful insurrections like those of July 1830 and February 1848. 88 10. Which of the following, best describes the 12. Which of the following is the most logical objection organization of the second paragraph? A ○ The thesis of the passage is stated and to the claim made (lines 38-39) ? A ○ The February Revolution of 1848 is much less supporting evidence systematically presented. B ○ significant than the July insurrection of 1830. B ○ Two views regarding the thesis presented in the first paragraph are compared and contrasted C ○ in the July insurrection of 1830 have been identified, however cursorily. E vidence refuting the thesis presented in the C ○ first paragraph is systematically presented. D ○ E ○ The backgrounds and motivations of participants The thesis presented in the first paragraph is systematically supported. E ven less is known about the July insurrection of 1830 than about the February Revolution of 1848. D ○ The thesis presented in the first paragraph is further defined and a conclusion drawn. Historical records made during the July insurrection of 1830 are less reliable than those made during the May insurrection of 1871. E ○ 11. Which of the following can be inferred about the "detailed judicial dossiers" referred to in line 50? A ○ The importance of the July insurrection of 1830 has been magnified at the expense of the Information contained in the dossiers sheds significance of the February Revolution of light on the social origins of a revolution's 1848. participants. B ○ The dossiers closely resemble the narratives written by the revolution's leaders in their personal memoirs. C ○ The information that such dossiers contain is untrustworthy and unrepresentative of a revolution's participants. D ○ Social historians prefer to avoid such dossiers whenever possible because they are excessively detailed. E...
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