The liver s relatively great capacity to protect

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Unformatted text preview: s a long-lived feature of the Sun, persisting field is taken to be self-sustaining, so that the solar- with little change over billions of years. activity cycle it drives would be maintained with little (B) In both models the solar-activity cycle is o verall change for perhaps billions of years. The hypothesized as being dependent on the alternative explanation supposes that the Sun's large-scale large-scale solar magnetic field. magnetic field is a remnant of the field the Sun acquired (C) In one model the Sun's magnetic field is when it formed, and is not sustained against decay. In this thought to play a role in causing solar activity, model, the solar mechanism dependent on the Sun's whereas in the other model it is not. magnetic field runs down more quickly. Thus, the (D) In one model solar activity is presumed to be characteristics of the solar-activity cycle could be unrelated to terrestrial phenomena, whereas expected to change over a long period of time. in the other model solar activity is thought to (140 words) have observable effects on the Earth. (E) In one model cycles of solar activity with periodicities longer than a few decades arc considered to be impossible, whereas in the other model such cycles are predicted. 131 5. Which of the following most accurately describes the Like most other coastal towns in Norway, the town of method of reasoning employed in the argument? Stavanger was quiet and peaceful until the early 1960's, when it became Norway's center for offshore oil (A) Arguing that a circumstance is not a precondition exploration. Between then and now, violent crime and for a phenomenon on the grounds that the vandalism in Stavanger have greatly increased. phenomenon sometimes occurs where the Stavanager's social problems probably resulted from the circumstance is not present oil boom, since violent crime and vandalism have (B) Arguing that a circumstance is a cause of a remained low in coastal towns in Norway that have had phenomenon on the grounds that the no oil boom. phenomenon has not occurred where the circumstance is not present (C) Arguing that a particular thing cannot have caused a phenomenon because that thing was not present before the phenomenon occurred (D) Attempting to establish a claim by arguing that the denial of the claim is inconsistent with the observed facts (E) Attempting to establish that certain circumstances that would have had to occur for a particular explanation to be correct could not have occurred 132 Modern archaeological finds can still contribute 6. According to the passage, in the absence of definite much to the study of ancient literature. For example, forty knowledge concerning the dates of composition of years ago a survey of the early Greek dramatist ancient literary works, literary historians do which Aeschylus' plays would have started with The Suppliant of the following when trying to establish the Women. Many factors internal to the play, but perhaps chronology of an author's work?...
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