The ocean and the air appreciably cooler and lower in

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Unformatted text preview: surface would become saturated with water vapor. (B) The air closest to the ocean surface would be warmer than the water. (C) The amount of moisture in the air closest to the ocean surface would decrease. (D) The rate of heat and moisture transfer would increase. (E) The air closest to the ocean would be at the same temperature as air higher up. 22 ―I want to criticize the social system, and to show it at 9. In the first paragraph of the passage, the author‘s work, at its most intense.‖ Virginia Woolf‘s provocative attitude toward the literary critics mentioned can statement about her intentions in writing Mrs. Dalloway best be described as Line has regularly been ignored by the critics, since it (A) disparaging 5 highlights an aspect of her literary interests very different (B) ironic from the traditional picture of the ―poetic‖ novelist (C) facetious concerned with examining states of reverie and vision and (D) skeptical but resigned with following the intricate pathways of individual (E) disappointed but hopeful consciousness. But Virginia Woolf was a realistic as well 10 as a poetic novelist, a satirist and social critic as well as a 10. It can be inferred from the passage that the most visionary: literary critics‘ cavalier dismissal of Woolf‘s probable reason Woolf realistically described the social vision will not withstand scrutiny. social setting in the majority of her novels was In her novels, Woolf is deeply engaged by the that she questions of how individuals are shaped (or deformed) by 15 (A) was aware that contemporary literary critics their social environments, how historical forces impinge considered the novel to be the most on people‘s lives, how class, wealth, and gender help to realistic of literary genres determine people‘s fates. Most of her novels are rooted in (B) was interested in the effect of a person‘s a realistically rendered social setting and in a precise social milieu on his or her character and historical time. actions (163 words) (C) needed to be as attentive to detail as possible in her novels in order to support the arguments she advanced in them (D) wanted to show that a painstaking fidelity in the representation of reality did not in any way hamper the artist (E) wished to prevent critics from charging that her novels were written in an ambiguous and inexact style 11. In the context of the passage, ―poetic‖ is closest in meaning to A ○ socioeconomic B ○ realistic C ○ political D ○ visionary E ○ literary 23 Exercise 5 Many theories have been formulated to explain the role of grazers such as zooplankton in controlling the amount of planktonic algae (phytoplankton) in lakes. Line The first theories of such grazer control were merely 5 based on observations of negative correlations between algal and zooplankton numbers. A lo w number of algal cells in the presence of a high number of grazers suggested, but did not prove, that the grazers had removed most of the algae. The converse obser...
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