Theories of intersexual selection d give an example

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Unformatted text preview: it for the training of a promising (C) The British encouraged the colonization of Canada by student. those African Americans who had served on the American side as well as by those who had served on the British side. (D) Some of Britain's policies in its Canadian colonies were similar to its policies in its American colonies before the American Revolution. (E) To reduce the debt incurred during the war, the British imposed even higher taxes on the Canadian colonists than they had on the American colonists. 192 Exercise 34 Only an effective collaboration between filmmakers and 1.The passage suggests that a filmmaker desiring to art historians can create films that will enhance viewers' enhance viewers‘ p erceptions of art should do which of perceptions of art. Filmmakers need to resist the impulse to the following? move the camera quickly from detail to detail for fear of (A) Rely on the precise language of art history when boring the viewer, to frame the image for the sake of drama developing scripts for films on art. alone, to add music for fear of silence. Filmmakers are (B) Rely on dramatic narrative and music to set a aware that an art object demands concentration and, at the film's tone and style. same time, are concerned that it may not be compelling (C) Recognize that a work of art by itself can be enough―and so they hope to provide relief by interposing compelling enough to hold a viewer's attention "real" scenes that bear only a tangential relationship to the (D) Depend more strongly on narration instead of subject. But a work of art needs to be explored on its own camera movements to guide the viewer's gaze. terms. On the other hand, art historians need to trust that (E) Emphasize the social and the historical contexts one can indicate and analyze, not solely with words, but also within which works of art have been created. by directing the viewer's gaze. The specialized written language of art history needs to be relinquished or at least tempered for the screen. 2.According to the passage, art historians desiring to (158 words) work with filmmakers to enhance the public's appreciation of art need to acknowledge which of the following? (A) The art historian's role in the creation of a film on art is likely to be a relatively minor one. (B) Film provides an ideal opportunity to acquaint viewers with a wide range of issues that relate incidentally to a work of art. (C) An in-depth analysis of a work of art is not an appropriate topic for a film on art. (D) Although silence may be an appropriate background when viewing a work of art in a museum, it is inappropriate in a film. (E) Film can use nonverbal means to achieve some of the same results that a spoken or written discourse can achieve. 193 As people age, their cells become less efficient and less able people age), researchers studied the effect of glucose on to replace damaged components. At the same time their tissues solutions of purified crystallin, the major protein in the...
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