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Unformatted text preview: most especially the prominence of the chorus, led scholars to consider it one of Aeschylus' earlier works. (A) Make assumptions about a single work's date The consensus was that here was a drama truly reflecting of composition if such assumptions would an early stage in the evolution of tragedy out of choral not seriously affect interpretations of other lyric. The play was dated as early as the 490's B.C., in works by the same author. any event, well before Aeschylus' play The Persians of (B) Draw inferences concerning the date of a 472 B.C. Then, in 1952, a fragment of papyrus found at work's composition based on evidence internal Oxyrhynchus was published. The fragment announced to that work and on the author's other works. that Aeschylus won first prize with his Danaid tetralogy, (C) Ignore the date of a work's composition which of which The Suppliant Women is the opening play, and is supplied by archaeological research when defeated Sophocles in the process. Sophocles did not literary factors internal to the work contradict compete in any dramatic contest before 468 B.C., when that date. he won his first victory. Hence, the Danaid tetralogy must be put after 468 B.C. (D) Refrain from speculation concerning a work's (169 words) date of composition unless archaeological finds produce information concerning it. (E) Estimate the date of a work's composition without attempting to relate it to the author's development as an artist. 133 As Gilbert White, Darwin, and others observed long In order to understand the nature of the ecologist's ago, all species appear to have the innate capacity to investigation, we may think of the density-dependent increase their numbers from generation to generation. The effects on growth parameters as the "signal" ecologists task for ecologists is to untangle the environmental and are trying to isolate and interpret, one that tends to make biological factors that hold this intrinsic capacity for the population increase from relatively low values or population growth in check over the long run. The great decrease from relatively high ones, while the density- variety of dynamic behaviors exhibited by different independent effects act to produce "noise" in the population populations makes this task more difficult: some dynamics. For populations that remain relatively constant, populations remain roughly constant from year to year; or that oscillate around repeated cycles, the signal can be others exhibit regular cycles of abundance and scarcity; still fairly easily characterized and its effects described, even others vary wildly, with outbreaks and crashes that are in though the causative biological mechanism may remain some cases plainly correlated with the weather, and in other unknown. For irregularly fluctuating populations, we are cases not. likely to have too few observations to have any hope of To impose some order on this kaleidoscope of patterns, extracting the signal from the overwhelming noi...
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