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Unformatted text preview: tion through acculturation rights of citizenship was continued when Mexico acquired Texas in the early (D) have been misunderstood by scholars trying 1800‘s and brought the indigenous Indians into Mexican to interpret their culture life and government. In the 1820‘s, United States citizens (E) identify more closely with their Indian heritage migrated to Texas, attracted by land suitable for cotton. 15 than with their Spanish heritage As their numbers became more substantial, their policy of acquiring land by subduing native populations began to 3. Which of the following statements most clearly dominate. The two ideologies clashed repeatedly, contradicts the information in this passage? (A) In the early 1800‘s, the Spanish committed more culminating in a military conflict that led to victory for the United States. Thus, suddenly deprived of our parent 20 resources to settling California than culture, we had to evolve uniquely Mexican-American to developing Texas. modes of thought and action in order to survive. (B) While Texas was under Mexican control, the (168 words) population of Texas quadrupled, in spite of the fact that Mexico discouraged immigration 1. The author‘s purpose in writing this passage is from the United States. primarily to (C) By the time Mexico acquired Texas, many (A) suggest the motives behind Mexican and United Indians had already married people of States intervention in Texas Spanish heritage. (B) document certain early objectives of Mexican- (D) Many Mexicans living in Texas returned to American society Mexico after Texas was annexed by the (C) provide a historical perspective for a new analysis United States. of Mexican-American culture (E) Most Indians living in Texas resisted Spanish (D) appeal to both Mexican and United States acculturation and were either killed or scholars to give greater consideration to enslaved. economic interpretations of history (E) bring to light previously overlooked research on Mexican Americans 65 The determination of the sources of copper ore used in the manufacture of copper and bronze artifacts of Bronze Age civilizations would add greatly to our knowledge of Line cultural contacts and trade in that era. Researchers have 5 analyzed artifacts and ores for their concentrations of elements, but for a variety of reasons, these studies have generally failed to provide evidence of the sources of the copper used in the objects. Elemental composition can vary within the same copper-ore lode, usually because of varying admixtures of 10 other elements, especially iron, lead, zinc, and arsenic. And high concentrations of cobalt or zinc, noticed in some artifacts, appear in a variety of copper-ore sources. Moreover, the processing of ores introduced poorly controlled changes in the concentrations of minor and trace elements in the 15 resulting metal. Some elements evaporate during smelting and roasting; different temperatures and processes produce different degrees of loss. Finally, flux, whi...
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