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Unformatted text preview: esenting evidence in support of a controversial version of an earlier interpretation. 11. The author‘s argument implies that, compared to the yearly price changes that actually occurred on foreign agricultural markets during the 1880‘s, American farmers would have most preferred yearly price changes that were (A) much smaller and in the same direction (B) much smaller but in the opposite direction (C) slightly smaller and in the same direction (D) similar in size but in the opposite direction (E) slightly greater and in the same direction 32 When the same parameters and quantitative theory 12. Which of the following best summarizes the author‘s main point? are used to analyze both termite colonies and troops of rhesus macaques, we will have a unified science of (A) Oversimplified comparisons of animal sociobiology. I have been increasingly impressed with the societies could diminish the likelihood of functional similarities between insect and vertebrate developing a unified science of societies and less so with the structural differences that sociobiology. seem, at first glance, to constitute such an immense gulf (B) Understanding the ways in which animals as between them. Consider termites and macaques. Both different as termites and rhesus macaques form cooperative groups that occupy territories. In both resemble each other requires train in kinds of society there is a well-marked division of labor. both biology and sociology. Members of both groups communicate to each other (C) Most animals organize themselves into hunger, alarm, hostility, caste status or rank, and societies that exhibit patterns of group reproductive status. From the spet‘s point of view, behavior similar to those of human this comparison may at first seem facile—or worse. But it societies. is out of such deliberate oversimplification that the beginnings of a general theory are made. (D) Animals as different as termites and rhesus (134 words) macaques follow certain similar and predictable patterns of behavior. (E) A study of the similarities between insect and vertebrate societies could provide the basis for a unified science of sociobiology. 13. Select the sentence in the passage in which the author suggests that There are significant structural differences 33 between insect and vertebrate societies. Exercise 7 Hydrogeology is a science dealing with the properties, 1. It can be inferred that which of the following distribution, and circulation of water on the surface of the is most likely to be the subject of study by a land, in the soil and underlying rocks, and geohydrologist? Line in the atmosphere. The term ―geohydrology‖ is 5 sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for (A) Soft, porous rock being worn away by a waterfall ―hydro geology.‖ Geohydrology is concerned with (B) Water depositing minerals on the banks of a underground water. There are many formations that gorge through which the water runs contain water but are not part of the hydrologic...
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