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Unformatted text preview: ng politics were the single most important influence on it. My point is that its central consciousness—its profound understanding of class and 8. Select the sentence in which the author denies possible gender as shaping influences on people‘s lives—owes 15 interpretations of an earlier assertion. much to that earlier literary heritage. (126 words) 43 Our visual perception depends on the reception of 9. Which of the following describes a situation energy reflecting or radiating from that which we wish most analogous to the situation discussed in to perceive. If our eyes could receive and measure the last sentence? Line infinitely delicate sense-data, we could perceive the 5 (A) A mathematician can only solve problems world with infinite precision. The natural limits of our the solution of which can be deduced eyes have, of course, been extended by mechanical from known axioms. instruments; telescopes and microscopes, for example, (B) An animal can respond to no command expand our capabilities greatly. There is, however, an that is more complicated syntactically ultimate limit beyond which no instrument can take us; 10 than any it has previously received. this limit is imposed by our inability to receive sense- (C) A viewer who has not learned, at least data smaller than those conveyed by an individual intuitivel y, the conventions of painting, quantum of energy. cannot understand perspective in a (97 words) drawing. (D) A sensitized film will record no detail on a scale that is smaller than the grain of the film. (E) A shadow cast on a screen by an opaque object will have a sharp edge only if the light source is small or very distant. 44 Of Homer‘s two epic poems, the Odyssey has always 10. The author uses Mack‘s ―categories‖ (lines 4-5) been more popular than the Iliad , perhaps because it most probably in order to includes more features of mythology that are accessible (A) argue that the Iliad should replace the Odyssey Line to readers. Its subject (to use Maynard Mack ‘s 5 as the more popular poem categories) is ―life-as-spectacle,‖ for readers, diverted (B) indicate Mack‘s importance as a commentator by its various incidents, observe its hero Odysseus on the Iliad and the Odyssey primarily from without; the tragic Iliad, however, presents (C) suggest one way in which the Iliad and the ―life-as- experience‖: readers are asked to identify with Odyssey can be distinguished the mind of Achilles, whose motivations render him a 10 (D) point out some of the difficulties faced by not particularly likable hero. In addition, the Iliad, more readers of the Iliad and the Odyssey than the Odyssey, suggests the complexity of the gods‘ (E) demonstrate that the Iliad and the Odyssey involvement in human actions, and to the extent that can best be distinguished by comparing their modern readers find this complexity a needless respective heroes complication, the Iliad is less satisfying than the 15 Odyssey, with its simpler ‗scheme‘ of...
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