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Unformatted text preview: ters within a wider cultural context, acters encountered in White culture E wrote exclusively about female characters and ○ the experiences of women Marshall attacked racial and sexual stereotypes and paved the way for explorations of race, class, and gender in the novels of the 1970's. 3. The author‘s description of the way in which Marshall depicts her heroine's development is most probably intended to A ○ continue the discussion of similarities in the works of Brooks, Hurston, and Marshall B describe the specific racial and sexual stereo○ types that Marshall attacked C contrast the characters in Marshall's novels ○ with those in later works D ○ show how Marshall extends the portrayal of character initiated by her predecessors E ○ compare themes in Marshall's early work with themes in her later novels 78 Question 4 is based on the following reading passage. Calculations of the density of alloys based on 5 of models using spheres of two sizes for binary agreed fairly well with the experimentally determined Line 4. The author's speculation about the appropriateness Bernal-type models of the alloy‘s metal component alloys would be strongly supported if models using values from measurements on alloys consisting of a spheres of two sizes yielded noble metal together with a metalloid, such as alloys of palladium and silicon, or alloys consisting of iron, A ○ values for density identical to values yielded by one-sphere models using the smaller spheres phosphorus, and carbon, although small discrepancies remained. One difference between real alloys and the only hard spheres used in Bernal models is that the 10 B ○ values for density agreeing nearly perfectly with experimentally determined values C ○ values for density agreeing nearly perfectly with components of an alloy have different sizes, so that models based on two sizes of spheres are more appropriate for a binary alloy, for example. The smaller values yielded by models using spheres of metalloid atoms of the alloy might fit into holes in the three sizes dense, random-packed structure of the larger metal D ○ significantly different values for density depending atoms. on the size ratio between the two kinds of spheres used E the same values for density as the values for ○ appropriately chosen models that use only medium-sized spheres 79 Questions 5 and 6 are based on the following reading F or the following question, consider each of the passage. choices separately and select all that apply One of the principal themes of Walzer's critique of liberal 5.The passage provides sufficient information to capitalism is that it is insufficiently egalitarian. Walzer's answer which of the following questions EXCEPT? case against the economic inequality generated by A □ What weight in relation to other qualities Line capitalism and in favor of "a radical redistribution of 5 wealth" is presented in a widely cited essay entitled "In should a quality like sensitivity have...
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