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Unformatted text preview: s have been obscured because, even when (C) not focused narrowly enough in their geo- historians did take into account those feminist ideas and graphical scope activities occurring within the United States, they fail ed to (D) insufficiently aware of the ideological conse- recognize that feminism was then a truly international quences of the Seneca Falls conference movement actually centered in Europe. American feminist (E) insufficiently concerned with the social condi- activists who have been described as ―solitary‖ and tions out of which feminism developed ―individual theorists‖ were in reality connected to a movement—utopian som— which was already 6. According to the passage, which of the following popularizing feminist ideas in Europe during the two decades is true of the Seneca Falls conference on women‘s that culminated in the first women‘s rights conference held at rights? Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848. (A) It was primarily a product of nineteenth(148 words) century Saint-Simonian feminist thought. (B) It was the work of American activists who were independent of feminists abroad. (C) It was the culminating achievement of the utopian sot movement. (D) It was a manifestation of an international movement for social change and feminis m. (E) It was the final manifestation of the women‘s rights movement in the United States in the nineteenth century. 109 Researchers of the Pleistocene epoch have developed 7. According to the passage, one of the reasons for the all sorts of more or less fanciful model schemes of how deficiencies of the ―early classification of Alpine they would have arranged the Ice Age had they been in glaciation‖ is that it was charge of events. For example, an early classification of (A) derived fro m evidence that was only tangentially Alpine glaciations suggested the existence there of four related to times of actual glaciation glaciations, named the Gunz, Mindel, Riss, and Wurm. This (B) based primarily on fossil remains rather than on succession was based primarily on a series of deposits and actual living organisms events not directly related to glacial and interglacial periods, (C) an abstract, imaginative scheme of how the rather than on the more usual modern method of studying period might have been structured biological remains found in interglacial beds themsel ves (D) based on unmethodical examinations of interstratified within glacial deposits. Yet this succession rando mly chosen glacial biological remains was forced willy-nilly onto the glaciated parts of Northern (E) derived fro m evidence that had been haphazardly Europe, with hopes of ultimately piecing them together to gathered from glacial deposits and inaccurately provide a complete Pleistocene succession. Eradication of evaluated the Alpine nomenclature is still proving a Herculean task. 8. Which of the following does the passage imply about the ―early classification of Alpine glaciation‖ ? (132 words) (A) It should not...
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