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Unformatted text preview: moth (A) protein synthesized from the tissues of a host caterpillars become immune to the wilt virus. caterpillar (B) aspen leaves with high concentrations of phenols F or the following question, consider each of the (C) tannin-rich oak leaves choices separately and select all that apply (D) nutrients that they synthesize from gypsy moth 5.Which of the following statements about gypsy moth egg clusters caterpillars is supported by information presented in (E) a rising threshold of caterpillar vulnerability to the passage EXCEPT? wilt disease A Differing concentrations of phenols in leaves have differing effects on the ability of the wilt virus to 3.Which of the following best describes the function of kill gypsy moth caterpillars. the third paragraph of the passage? B Female gypsy moth caterpillars stop growing after (A) It resolves a contradiction between the ideas they ingest leaves containing phenols. presented in the first and second paragraphs. C The longer a gypsy moth population is exposed to (B) It introduces research data to support the theory wilt disease, the greater the likelihood that the outlined in the second paragraph. gypsy moth caterpillars will become immune to (C) It draws a conclusion from conflicting evidence the virus. presented in the first two paragraphs. (D) It shows how phenomena described in the first and second paragraphs act in combination. (E) It elaborates on the thesis introduced in the first paragraph after a digression in the second paragraph. 177 Although a historical lack of access to formal Spanish- 6.According to the author, the Chicano oral experience language education initially limited the opportunities of contributed directly to which of the following some Chicanos to hone their skills as writers of Spanish, characteristics in the work of some Chicano writers? their bilingual culture clearly fostered an exuberant and (A) A sensitivity to and adeptness in using the compelling oral tradition. It has thus generally been by way spoken language of the emphasis on oral literary creativity that these (B) A tendency to appear in national rather than Chicano writers, whose English-language works are regional publications sometimes uninspired, developed the powerful and (C) A style reflecting the influence of Spanish arresting language that characterized their Spanish- language education language works. This Spanish-English difference is not (D) A reliance on a rather formal style surprising. When writing in Spanish, these authors stayed (E) A capacity to appeal to a broad range of audiences close to the spoken traditions of their communities. Works in English, however, often required the elimination of 7. Which of the following best characterizes the function nuance or colloquialism, the adoption of a formal tone, and of the indicated portion (the last two sentences) of the the adjustment of themes or ideas to satisfy the different passage ? demands of national publications. (127 words) (A) They expand on an advantage mentio...
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